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My gaudy looking car with the braces and lower jaw that sticks out, but I likey oh so much :D





Collected the car this evening before driving back to school with Baby. Shall take more pictures of the interior another day.


Above picture was taken with the DIY pinhole camera Jacky and I made for his assignment.



Second week in school and assignments are pouring in.

Stayed up till 6am last night to help Jacky with his assignment. Goodness, I feel like I look 10 years older now ): But actually, I’m glad I can be of help to him because I finally feel like a useful girlfriend haha.

Architecture seems fun. I am definitely in the wrong course. I’d rather die than to stay up till 6 all night to read my Life Science notes >:(



We had this super long 6 hour break today before the lecture starts at 7pm so we went Science Center to look at the Da Vinci Exhibit. Wanted to go ice-skating but we decided that it was too far haha.



Science Center turned out to be pretty fun actually (: They have some really cool optical illusions things and interactive displays. And I witnessed a chick hatching and free-ing itself out from the shell!

Yayness to today. Happy 28months!

(I owe alot of people pictures but please do bear with it because Facebook hates me. Will try to upload them all up by the end of this week!)

8th August: Picnic at ECP with some Rovers seniors and comm members.






Went shopping on the 9th with Baby and baked muffins with his younger sister for her home economics project.

10th August, which was also the last day of the holidays before school officially kicks in, was spent celebrating two birthdays – Joshua’s and Kokloong’s!

(P.S. Joshua’s birthday celebration pictures are with Juliana!!! Need to wait for her to upload (: )





Yes I like my Topshop red bow sandals quite alot (:

Kokloong’s party at Essential Brew!




Thomas is an ass!!!!!!!!



And this is for my Baby:



” Even the toilet is a thinking space.” – Chong Yuan Ru, 2/3. This was printed on one of the pages of the school journal back in 2002, how embarrassing! Why did I even submit such a lame statement?! Anyway, the quote has found its home in the picture above :D

It was Shaker Fries Friday Dinner with Shuang!


I cannot deny my love for McSpicy even though I know I am eating excessively and gaining alot of weight recently.

Headed over to Shuang’s place for Wii-time! I love her place because I can concurrently enjoy Wii, OTO massaging device and Osim iSqueeze.

P8070006 copy


It was a good talk over baked pasta and cakes.


Baby spent around $380 on his architecture course’s designing supplies today. Expensive yo. I spent like, $10 buying pens only. Okay, maybe when the semester starts I need to kaching on textbooks again ):

CORS bidding had been a breeze this sem… until NOW! I got all my core modules for only 1 point each but am trying to bid for this particular GEK so that I can be lecture mates with Baby and the bid points are so disgustingly high!?!! What is this! Plus this module has late evening lectures that end at 8pm and workload is H-E-A-V-Y, why do so many people want to do this to themselves?!!! Or are there alot of girlfriends out there who wanna be lecture mates with their Year 1 Archi boyfriends???? ):<

Oh and this is for K.Tse:


Doesn’t this panda cookie resemble the one that you always get for me from HongKong!! I spotted these babies in the cookie tin at home today and I hereby declare that this is a LOUSY IMITATION ):< It is not even half as nice as the ones from HK! And now that you’re reading this… I hope you do get the hint heheh (:

And sad news #1: I doubt I will be getting my car by this month because up till now, there is still no news of the arrival of the shipment and in two weeks time, it will be the lunar 7th month ): Means I will have to wait wait wait until 20th September. Sigh.

Don’t ask me about my car okay, I will give you the saddest face ever.

No idea why but the purple skirt I posted in the previous entry was mysteriously taken off the Forever 21 online web ): This sucks yo cus I really wanted it. ):<



This is possibly the bestest pair of vintage floral Doc. Martens boots, ever. I will wear these babies to all my laboratory sessions in school (#1 rule in labs: covered shoes!)  if I can even get my hands on these. IF.

2 hours at Yishun Dam at night with the girlfriends where we had icecream, played violent rounds of Ugly Dolls and chitchatting in general. I love the girls.

Nothing interesting in my life recently. Except for the fact that I went for Jacky’s cousin’s 21st party and saw Yikuang there because he turned out to be the birthday boy’s army friend. Jacky was down with fever since Friday morning but his mum advised me not to go close in case he spreads it to me so my entire Saturday was spent in MSN. Dying to check out Ion and Iluma because I’ve been hearing so many things about these two places! And saw Hazel’s pictures where she went to Night Safari too. Realised that I haven’t gone on any dates for quite awhile already… oh man.

Somehow… I’m stumped.