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my granny
1. tied the prettiest braids- on both the barbiedolls and on me. she’s the one who taught me braiding too.
2. cooked the best curry chicken evereverEVER.
3. had a pair of specs which i loved stealing to put on and act like a teacher when i was a kid.
4. had bunions on both her feet so we always loosen the front part of her new shoes for her.
5. loved pandan kaya cakes.
6. shielded me from my mum’s cane strokes.
7. doesnt eat the skin of bread loaves.
8. told me she loved me.

a grandmother is a blessing from above,
who fills our home with warmth and love.

i believe my granny is jus returning back to where she really belonged- up above.
she has done what she wanted to do with her life and decided to bid us all goodbye ytd afternoon. i missed the chance to bake her the perfect pandan kaya cake- one which is even better than the one she loved from bengawansolo. i missed the chance to hug her and tell her how much i love her. i missed the chance to hold her hand to sleep. i missed the chance to let her feel proud of me when i get my uni degree. i missed the chance to sit down with her and show her my wedding photos.

i miss my granny ):


i dont understand why are there so many ants on my table.
even if its jus a glass of plain water.
maybe its my salivia. may be. ok, MUST BE.

watched ocean’s13 ytd.
its good i tell you.
better than pirates 3. (:
and i thought george clooney was pretty hot <3
(dont get me wrong, i still like jack sparrow baby)

anw now tt ive quit my onpedder job, i realised ive lots of free time.
but the thing is, the rest of my gfs are all busy with their lives! )):
sihui claire mich all working at pedder red; yawen&karen schooling and juliana is considering going back to onpedder again since the deal they offered was pretty attractive.
i dont believe this but i cant wait for uni to start.
nus sci. hrmph. i hope my coursemates are vaguely normal pple.
claire&juliana are both in nus business. lucky them (:
AND SIHUI, DONT WORRY MY DARLING. hahaha although ure in ntu, we can always meet up for dinner or sth. ntu&nus aint v far apart. <3
come to think of it, we’ve known each other since sec 1. this is actually our SEVENTH year of friendship alr girlfriends!
we’ll keep it going we’ll keep it strong. i wan all 5 of my gfs to be my glam bridesmaids on my wedding day (:

the oreo butter cake i baked today (:
im sorry abt the random mini oreos atop the cake. i duno what got into me.

here’s a slice for the netizens baby!

the recipe’s a keeper. all the fluffiness&moisture in this cake

next time i bake this again, i shall top the cake with crushed oreos (:

anyway i finished the entire pack of leftover mini oreos before the cake was even out of the oven. im so oreo-ed today.

god im so loving my sony vaio laptop.
finally got down to charging the battery pack last night after so long and surfed the net with it abit.
haa its sth we both chose together (well, i did the choosing)
im so gonna treat it like treasure.

baked oreo butter cake today & scalded my forefinger ):
im binging again.
tekong, return me my boyfriend ):

ahh 16km road march.

yay im going for jacky’s pop (:
rofl. do we even look vaguely alike?!
this is so exciting.

watched amazing grace with huili&calyn today.
fell asleep in the middle of the movie.
its more like an animated history lesson aye.
but at least the ending was pretty alright (:

sis called back to ask what i want from us.
i want a katespade bag but its not much cheaper over there though ):
i need to rob a bank soon.
my shopping list is endless.

testing (: