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im in macdonalds using their wireless net connection now.
fyi its 5.26am on a sunday morning.

couldnt get to sleep and kept waking up throughout the night.
finally climbed out of bed at 4.38, went to the kitchen&raided the fridge.
had one more oreo cheesecupcake, some peanutcrackers& milo.
decided tt im too full to go back to bed but sis had some program running on her comp so i couldnt use the net at home.
thus im nua-ing in macdonalds now.
im gonna wait until 8am when coldstorage opens and i can go grab some vanhouten baking chocolate bars before heading home.
mr liu pipi yongcheng demands brownies& i gave in.
tsk see im so nice.

byy asked if i wanna watch the simpsons’ movie later in the afternoon
with shaoxian thomas lunsiang & maybe yikuang.
i said okay because i duno if jacky wants to go out with me one anot.
he didnt mention anything about today’s plan yet again
i dun even know what time will he wake up.
i dont like maybe-s!

wah;byy will kill me if she sees this
yeah its from HSM HAHA.


It’s funny when you find yourself
Looking from the outside
I’m standing here but all I want
Is to be over there
Why did I let myself believe
Miracles could happen
Cause now I have to pretend
That I don’t really care

I thought you were my fairytale
A dream when I’m not sleeping
A wish upon a star
Thats coming true
But everybody else could tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
When there was me and you

I swore I knew the melody
That I heard you singing
And when you smiled
You made me feel
Like I could sing along
But then you went and changed the words
Now my heart is empty
I’m only left with used-to-be’s
[When There Was Me And You Lyrics on
And once upon a song

Now I know you’re not a fairytale
And dreams were meant for sleeping
And wishes on a star
Just don’t come true
Cause now even I can tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
Because I liked the view
When there was me and you

I can’t believe that
I could be so blind
It’s like you were floating
While I was falling
And I didn’t mind

Cause I liked the view
Thought you felt it too
When there was me and you

pomchipom; i shall go get a hashbrown.


its been an hour
my pillow is wet
my blanket tip is wet
my hair is sticking to my face
my nose is runny

crying under the blanket makes me a total wreck.
whats wrong with me? )’:

hello fergie. if big girls dont cry
then i dont want to be big.
make me small.

2am alr my sis still not home.
which is a goodthing.
or she’ll ask me whats wrong and i dont know the answer to that qsn.

may i ask again. whats wrong with me! ):

even my mum was surprised :/

jacky had dinner date w his bmt mates initially
but it was cancelled last minute
and we couldnt find any mahjong khakis tonight
so tt practically sums up why.

claire lim huiqi, juliana ong xiaohui, lee sihui, li yawen, karen tse &michelle tang huiling;
save me from becoming the sigf ):
grh im so disappointed in myself.
hen yi dian bah, zhang xiao jie!

sudden random craving for cheesecakes.
my original recipe called for ricotta cheese but i searched both coldstorage&ntuc also dont hv.
so i decided to bake oreo cheesecake tt used only creamcheese & sourcream.
but i hate the idea of baking one big cake and cutting it up (dont ask me why)
so i decided to bake oreo cheeseCUPcakes in the end (:

baking is such a healing therapy. (:
i enjoyed the part of crushing the oreos, pressing the oreo crumbs into the paper cases, creaming the cheese&sourcream, assembling the cupcake; simply evry step!
oh no, i hate washing up. hate it hate it HATE IT.
anw since i was so free i decided to give the cheesecupcakes a prettier top&what better shape than a star! YAYNESS.
initially the whole top cracked and the star was ‘multilated’ & the cheesecake looked like fa gao in the oven during the baking process. i was SO MORTIFIED ):
but after 50mins of sauna-ing in the oven i took them out to cool to room temperature, the inflated tops deflated themselves and i got back my starry tops (: (: (:
sent them straight into the fridge after they cooled.
hv to chill for at least 4hrs.
im waiting for 11.10pm. so i can eat my cheesecupcakes!

thankyou mr liuyongcheng, kendrick & michelle (:
nice to know tt people still care.

once in a while, its good to play dead.

my dad complained tt my porridge was tasteless ):
aye, virgin attempt okay, what do u expect!
mummy cooked for more than 19 years alr of course u cant compare hers and mine! lol.
nvm, boyfriend knows how to appreciate can alr.

went kbox-ing with sihui juliana & claire at amk ytd! (:
we sang from 2plus-7plus.
the room was freezing our toes off and we decided to sing standing up.
soon we were jumping&moving&swaying etc. while singing in the hope of getting some warmth.
i love kboxing with gfs! get to act silly in tt enclosed room&forget abt maintaining image or whatsoever for tt few hours(:
euw but the photos we took are all very ugly.
so ugly i dun feel like posting them up. hah.

edit; nvm unglam also show.

went for the nus sci faculty module registration briefing today.
the talk started at 9am and the first hour was a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME ):
the librarian said sth classic – the medical/science library is the medical and science library. it is a very 21st century library.

i look at the nus canteen and i cant wait for sch to start.
canteen food is so cheap i wanna laugh (: (:

but then again, no i dun wan sch to start.
once sch starts, im v worried tt i’ll be so busy and tt my weekends will be burnt.
then i canot meet up with dear anymore! ):
i will finish my work on weekdays. i want to finish my work on weekdays. i must.

popped by jacky’s place after the talks again.
i think im abit irritating. HAA.
watched vcds; packed his SECONDARY SCHOOL WORKSHEETS (lol) and had maggie for dinnerrrrrrrr & its home sweet homeee.
i wonder how he managed to nua whole day without going crazy.

thankyou mrs pay for the vouchers & goodluck for the lucky draw tmr!! (:

cooking porridge is such a boring task.
u boil some water, throw in the stuffs and let it boil somemore.
and while u let it boil, u hv nth to do.
except maybe to watch it and dont let it overflow.

twenty minutes more before i can add the rice in.

then i have to let it boil&simmer AGAIN.

lets see what i can do to kill time.
i can friendster-hop, play solitaire, paint my fingernails, msn or type a dumb blog entry like this.

HAHA or maybe i can try playing with uzap&painting my nails at the same time.

great. i only spent 6 minutes so far.
fourteen more minutes.

i did sth super random&crazy.
u can say tt im mad&childish&totally ridiculous but i don’t care ):

i cant get over how happy he looked when he described how evenly coloured his pancake was )))):

im fine with him&pancakes. in fact, i admire guys who can cook. but its who he flipped pancakes with ):
memories indeed.
boo i hate myself for being jealous over virtually nothing

ANYWAY i was in coldstorage and browsing the baking section
all the pancake mixes were screaming in my face until i finally CANOT TAKE IT ANYMORE.
grabbed pillsbury pancake mix and marched straight to the checkout counter

i don’t know what was i trying to achieve or prove by doing so
it just seems like such a childish senseless outlet to vent my anger on.

i think one of the reason is tt im brought up as a very competitive kid. i rmbed the colouring activity in my nursery class when i was only four. everyone was supposed to colour this picture of a flower & a bee. the girl sitting next to me finished much faster than i did and the teacher praised her work in front of the whole class and gave her A** (and by which the * stands for star; so its A STARSTAR) i didn’t want to lose out, so i coloured my flower petals in multi-colours and even drew in clouds at the back. aha i got A*** (ASTARSTARSTAR) for that and i was super smug. SEE, get what i mean.

okay, back to pancakes. maybe i wanted to prove to myself that i am jus as capable as her; that i can flip pancakes too; that i can get an evenly-coloured pancake. im such an idiot ):

there. amazing how jealousy can cause me to change my opinion of pancakes so drastically. the sight of pancakes now jus make my thoughts wander to whr they shouldn’t even wander to and i jus want to get rid of the pancakes; asap. i threw away my batch of perfectly done pancakes in the end- notice the picture of the pancakes in the thrashbag.

i can flip pancakes perfectly fine alright. heck, i can even use the selftimer mode on my camera and capture the flipping process. but i don’t feel any sense of accomplishment. im not even the least bit happier than i was before i paid for that box of pancake mix in cold storage. i jus ended up $3.60 poorer and a scalded forefinger.

and maybe even a tad more miserable because i feel dumb.

grow up, yuanru ): but meanwhile, let me continue hating pancakes.

MOVING ON, i met up with leeshuang at the stadium today. we wanted to run one, but both of us were lazy and ended up sitting there nua-ing&chitchatting. leeshuang, if ure reading this: POPIAH AND TANGYUANS ARE NOT FATTENING.

was on my way to meet leeshuang when jacky called. he’s down with high fever! booked out in the evening and headed home straight to ‘recuperate’. man, thrs a possibility of it being handfootmouth disease too. or even worse, dengue. ):


caught invisible target with claire in the evening!
i knew i’d love the movie; its so new-police-story. (i watched it FIVE times)
benny chan i love you (: no, not affair. tts the director of both the movies.

think i’ll rewatch invisible target at least once more. <3<3

bored to tears.
dear went for navigation ):
so i did what i always do when im alone at home.
with tt lousy ‘i-dont-want-to-light-up-leh’ stupid oven of mine.

tada. i call this erupted joy (:
marshmallow-centered chocolate cupcake.

another variation since my parents dont dig marshmallow. too sweet they say.
so i hereby proudly present u with peanutbutter-centered chocolate cupcake.
(can u spot the light brown peanut butter peeping from the cracks?)
name: peeping nut.

yay lets give all baked products silly names.

i decided to blog.
like, after such a long hiatus.
i have absolutely nothing to do. NOTHING. ZILCH. KORSONG. ZERO.
supposed to be going for kbox-ing today but no one said anything about the meeting time&place yet. lets jus wait&see.
wait. wait. wait & wait. yay

i woke up too pretty darn early at 4am and i cleaned 3 krispy kreme donuts.
omg donuts are my weakness i tell u.
cinnamon sugar; coffee creme & strawberry jellied. ALL THREE are happily sitting in my tummy right now.
singapore shld have krispy kreme. or at least; dunkin’ donuts.
i dont want donut factory or vinco donut or momohouse donut ):
im spoilt and i want branded donuts.

22ndjuly was jacky’s mum (doreen’s) birthday (:
happy birthday mrs pay. shes so nice to ask me along for dinner at hotel rendevous.
man i loved the buffet dinner.
jacky&i had countless servings. HA and jacky tossed the rojak so unprofessionally.
buffet dinners make me feel fat.

oh, and i checked out their new house alr.
its at the firstlevel (or basementone; either way) and it looks like those designer kitchen u see on tv shows; neat!
and and and they have those inbuilt oven& electronic stove sort of stuff.
bugger. came home stared at my kitchen and sulked. ):
stupid oven doesnt even light up. grhh

im peeling. my arms are peeling. my face peeled. now my scalp is peeling too.
yay lets all line up and laugh at yuanru the peeling monster.
she looks like she has horrid dandruff all over her head. stay away.
all these sunburnt from juntos; nus rovers camp.
viveros; red red red ((:
i love my og- magaret yvonne kellie kahming norman ahmu edwin thanks for being such great councillors/ogl. <3
ogmates; alicia melissa joelyn claire josiah joshua jingchong chongching(chingchongchingchong rofl) dexter. ruth-maria-mimi-lucy loves u all.
we shld all k someday. evry single one of us can sing. can scream (:

jacky pom chi chi pom chi. pom chi chi pom chi.
i duno why i typed tt. i must be very tired.

lets be random. what else.
potty potter deathly hallows spoiler-
prof snape did though ): i knew prof snape is a good man.
if one can forgive him for his greasy hair& way-too-fair-complexion-for-a-man, snape is a pretty good man.
at least he’s a faithful lover. he loved harry’s mum all along.
imagine snape as harry’s stepfather. harry severus. no more potty potter harry.

byebye voldemort. i will not mourn ur death.

i love spaceshuttles. white ones.

i hate pancakes. i bet you dont know why but i just know what u think i dont know ):
i hate perfectly done pancakes.
i hate to picture u flipping pancakes with her.
i’d rather u flip roti prata. greasy, ugly or chaota also nvm.

im such a petty pancake-hating loser ):