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my red ipod nano arrived today.

hazel told me kelvin revamped his room recently & his new wardrobe includes a space for her. the bed is queensized. theres space on the study table for her. there’s two chairs. she feels like a newly-wed couple.

marilyn signs in and out of kenneth’s friendster as and when she likes just for fun and they chat on the phone every night.

joshua xiao has a new blog and he nv fails to mention juliana in his posts.

audrey and terence have so many things to talk about in the car.

vanessa had cramps and yi dropped by just to give her a box of chocolates. aww.

i hate to say this, but im actually jealous of them.


happy halloween people!!

4am alr! nationbuilding test later oh gosh.
sigh weekdays are so unlike weekends ): last saturday jacky stayed over at my place to acc me while i do my work but i fell asleep and when he woke me up, there was already a cup of hot coffee on the table for me. now i have to make my own coffee.
jacky no more stayout-nights alr. ):

marilyn&i ate from one canteen to another today because we had so much free time. tuesdays with marilyn are the ultimate school-brightener. lol

met up with claire after my SS lect and we went starbucks together (:

greentea latte and greentea frappe!

today shall be a short-post day because i dont know what to say. dear dear dear dear dear dear dear dear dear dear dear.

im early for school again because i always forget that my tuesday stats tutorial starts at 9am instead of 8am and i wake up at 6.10am to get ready only to realise that at 6.45am. what a total retard.

i know this sounds weird b’cause im not in the bestest mood myself but, BYY CHEER UP OKAY (:
next time u lonely can ask me go ntu find u then we’ll spend the night gossiping about everyone and everything that we can think of. i’ll never forget the time when u stayed over at my place to prepare valentine’s day gift in J2. rmb the burnt chocolate and the stained pot? its hell funny pls. and our sugar cookies that were rock-hard&tasted like crap? HAA. did we buy flowers for each other? i forgot rofl. pls crash nus next tues so i can show u simyk lookalike in my bio lect!

im getting fatter and i hv depressing dark circles plus breakout. i trimmed my hair but no one could notice the difference because it still looks like its all over the place. i dont look like im someone’s girlfriend at all. girlfriends are supposed to look pretty everyday!

my mum hates it when i do not sleep at night. she’ll scold me and i’ll end up feeling horrid. but today i told my mum nicely that i cant sleep because im already in a lousy mood so pls dont scream at me and she jus left me to do my stuffs alone.

today i apologised to jacky. he said he doesnt want to blow things up. i feel as if im doing everything wrongly.

hazel is damn sweet. she said i can call her anytime in the middle of the night if i need someone to chat with but i think she’s having her hall activity now.

i go do suja now.

i am evil.
i can foresee sth bad but im pretending.

SP1202 quiz later.

2001 rofl

i found alot of old stuffs from packing my room. like the photo above.
and i also found the large pack of neoprints that i took back in secondary school.
those were the days man.
what im listening to. just the title itself makes me think.
that apart, its a very nice song.

Lovers Again

作詞: Kiyoshi Matsuo
作曲: Jin Nakamura



ひとりでは 愛してる証さえ
ふたりでは やさしく見守ること




ひとりでは 愛された記憶さえ
ふたりでは 想いあたためる意味見つけられない

* もう二度とあんなに
誰かのこと愛せない そう思ってた

If I ever fall in love, again
その手を離さない もう迷わないさ
I just don't know what to say to you
想いはあふれてくGet back in love, again


repeat *

ive decided against asking mummy because i know what her advice will be.
actually ive talked to so many people abt it and everyone is jus sympathetic towards me. only claire&yongcheng enlightened me alil.

sigh pls go away ):
leave us alone.

and nationbuilding&suja still irks me.

i knew leeshuang thru eduguide tuition centre in pri.3
tts 9 years old. we’re alr 19! TEN YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP.

past. my hair looks like wig!


im complaining to everyone, even my hairdresser, kenji ): he cautioned me.
(its not about the hair, btw)
yongcheng, i dont have the guts.

caught HALLOWEEN with byy lunsiang and simyk at vivo. tt show is ass-sick, pls dont watch it unless u enjoy gore. i screamt afew times and hung on to byy. simyk was hugging his own legs. lunsiang was cool, he didnt even budge.

i cleaned my room on friday and cleared out so many clothes my wardrobe looks half empty now. which means it has to be filled up = shopping baby! (: i replenished one today – got the green zara top yays. and i purchased my red nano online today alr. must strike when the iron is hot, what if i piss my mum off tomorrow and she goes back on her words HAHA. whee i cant wait for it to arrive in the mail :D :D :D mr postman come quick!

jacky asked me to get a wristlet for his friend from US & send to mike(my sis’s bf in US) first. although i think mike was pretty unwilling (he asked me to pay for my own postage), still a million thanks to him.

girlfriends, buddy hoagies cafe on friday? i have alot of things on my mind and i need listening ears ): 

today is clarissa’s and shaoxian’s birthdays. happy birthday!