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marilyn: what are you doing on xmas eve?
me: oh, having potluck with my girlfriends.
marilyn: PORK LARD?!

suddenly thought of this and i cant help but laugh. marilyn, we are shopping together again soon right?

i love this song. and this video is just amazing.

an army of cupcakes. literally.

packed these and got thomas’s help to bring them into camp for the boyfriend since we didnt get to meet each other today.
thankyou thomas, i know its damn paiseh for him and i hope they dont check his bag.
happy advanced new year for boyfriend’s bunkmates!

and karen, im still searching for your ultimate chocolatey kupkake recipe :D

these were baked yesterday; i bet everyone knows neopolitan icecream. that sparked off an inspiration of another fellow online blogger who tweaked the recipe to get neopolitan cupcakes! i love the pretty pink hue capped over the white and chocolate layers. and yes, their moistness. buttermilk makes moist confectioneries, i like!

05S41 gathering at byy’s place! its the third and last time that it will be held there at jalan kemuning because she is moving house next year! ): i really like her current house because it gives me such a cosy feeling with its rustic decors that makes it so european-styled! the pulley lamp that never fails to amaze me.

we had a really disastrous bbq for dinner. and gossiped alot. we grilled selected people about their lifes its damn fun. and took alot of photos too. im so happy my class guys enjoy posing alot. and that they helped in food preparation and to clean up the mess and do the dishes because byy’s dad just fired their maid. even simyk was peeling apples’ skin.

weijie came super late but all was forgiven because he bought tauhuay and soyabean milk for us and he made us laugh alot.

kokloong; my jc bestest. we are still so crazy together yay.
gift exchange took place in the classic S41 way. in a bid to reminisce our old times, we played mass-gikopa. its very lengthy to explain the rules here but trust me, we are very complex people and the method is beyond your imagination so dont bother.
the gifts turned out to be 90% toys. how i love my classmates ! funny people who know how to work & play :D 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41! check out the guys’ pose. they did it voluntarily HAHA.

this always happens when we gather.

and we are all matured. so a picture of the 5 of us was taken.

HAHA i like this picture.

and look at what i found under the stairs!

look beyond the vintage radio tuner speaker and pretty kittens’ tin. i actually found a WHITE KITCHENAID hiding behind. and i was just lusting over one with michelle the other day. $899. my gosh.

decided to head home at around 1.30am and i woke my dad up to come fetch me. felt pretty guilty about it but i had no cash with me and i didnt feel like borrowing money from others. i didnt exactly anticipate this initially. anyhow, my dad is so lovely and he is probably the one man i truly admire (:

and i came home to find a singpost parcel addressed to me sitting on the sofa :D tore it open and guess what! its a christmas gift from none other than AWCHEEYAO! he got me a reindeer plush, xmas sock & a really amusing NS greeting card.

some things never change. but others change at such a rate that i find myself being unable to relate to them at all. even though they used to be so dear.

i need to bath. im still in byy’s sis’s grey teeshirt and i reek of bbq. and its 3.33am!

4.13am edit.
because i dont know what is he thinking anymore.
or maybe i never knew right from the start because he never tells.

yuanru, keep faith.

i hate facebook and i dont even know why i created an account there. after the initial thrill of buying confectioneries and candies for my friends and superpoking and filling up their aquariums, my facebook account has been neglected ever since. call me slow but i prefer friendster anytime.

class party tonight. post-xmas, post-thomas birthday, pre-newyear celebration. this is so typically S41.

alert! juicy couture cupcake charm bracelet <3

(via viecouture)

• 14-karat yellow gold plate.
• Link chain; bow charm link with Swarovski® crystal in center.
• Hanging Swarovski® crystal accent chain.
• Three attached charms; pink “Eat Candy” heart charm, Brown/red/white cupcake charm, and blue “Juicy” heart charm with Swarovski® crystals.
• Lobster clasp with “J” crest embossing; dangle crystal charm.
• Imported.

• Cupcake Earrings: Pink/white/red enamel cupcakes. Studs; pierced backs.
• Cupcake Necklace: Five attached charms; brown/white/red cupcake charm, pink “Juicy” heart charm with Swarovski® crystals, sterling silver bow charm with faux-pearl center, dangling ring and faux-pearl charm, and clear candy roll charm. Adjustable length chain with crown-embossed tag. Lobster clasp.

Both, 14-karat yellow gold-plate. Imported.

these are omg-ly adorable. cheap fareast imitations will never do. juicy couture hearts! i wonder if onpedder will bring these in since they do juicy couture shoes. um.

it was meant to be a nua day at home for me today but i decided not to deceive myself anymore and i needed fresh air. claire & mich were in town so i joined them at around 3. retail therapy for us! there’s sale everywhere and i was tempted to get so many stuffs but i am so broke. there’s the nice zara shirt & checked vest, pretty pullover from tangs, shorts from forever21, top from mycloset and yes, that really vintage looking lovely bag i saw with michelle. i think that bag is on the top of my list gosh. and i realised i need a pair of decent flats too. anyway i finally got my beverly feldman sandals repaired & my feet were happy to wear them again today (:

it felt like there wasnt enough time today because theres so much shopping to do. the lack of money is killing me so i only bought a top & a pair of shorts ): how sad. i hate window shopping because i cannot buy the things i fancy. i like to shop when im loaded. why my xmas sock no money!

we met nani & yahya on the train ride home! :D i felt so guilty for not going back to on pedder to visit them for so long! they were asking me why never bake stuffs for them alr. oops. and nani and i gossiped alot after the rest got off the train. there’s this new part-timer who, according to nani, is pretty buff and goodlooking. thing is, he has a girlfriend but at the same time, he has fallen for joaquin. apparently, this guy is the type who treats the girlfriend REALLY NICELY and gives in to her all the time and showers her with gifts everytime he upsets her but he is getting quite tired of her. just a part-timer with measly pay and he bought her a miumiu clutch for xmas?! but he also bought a GUESS watch for joaquin for her birthday and he made it quite clear that he is trying to pursue her. what a boyfriend. jerk. he gives love a bad name.

then nani shared her love story with me too. we got pretty agitated on a common topic and were cursing really loudly on the way home. i dont want to repeat what we said but thank you nani, i think i learnt something and it was a nice chat (: i promised her that i will bake something and visit them on the 31st! i need to gossip with joaquin. emergency.

mich is going back to work at pedder-red in jan! i need money too. maybe tuitioning kids?

module bidding is starting soon on 3rd jan and marilyn has been doing all the planning so that we can take the same module together (: it gets pretty hard because we’re in different courses and all the modules that we have interest in clashes with the preallocated mods! talk about being unlucky.

marilyn met her exbf today who owns a red mini cooper and drove her out and opened the door for her and that woman went to gush about this to her boyfriend. no wonder kenneth is jealous! marilyn is damn funny but dont be so mean to kenneth!

suddenly, i miss hazel. that lucky girl went holidaying in japan and is now in taiwan. i hope she returns with souvenirs for me :D bryan went australia and he got me the kangaroo plush that i thickskinned-ly asked for. tau went vietnam and although i dont know whats there in vietnam, i bet he had fun too. why am i stuck in singapore, WHY! michelle, i want to go phuket!

today is a weird day because i woke up feeling weird and the top i bought is weird but i like it alot. karen was having black sesame paste at chinatown/tongshui and i had none although claire bought me this black sesame paste snack that i love from crystal jade bakery but i left it in mich’s bag and forgot about it until i got home. it is weird because yikuang whined to me in msn and said he wanted to play cooking mama on my ds tmr during the party and he asked me to watch a korean drama. it is weird because i ate my sis’s chocolates but she didnt yell at me. it is weird because i think i am drained of emotions and i am feeling indifferent.

what a wordy post.

newyear is coming newyear is coming newyear is coming. shut up yuanru and dont make trouble!

to lose myself in music and under my blankets.
next, form a connection between myself and the song lyrics.
and end up getting entangled.
ive decided to delete the 3 previous entries. i dont want anymore trouble. new year is coming.

even with a mood like this, i still found myself wanting to bake a lil something for boyfriend. butter cookies nothing too exciting. but i have a history of failed cut-out cookies attempts. cookie-cutters simply refuse to cooperate with me. somehow, they were friendly to me today.

i want to buy many more cookie cutters!
to recollect