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its a wonder what a nap can do.

i slept from 7pm to 9pm. before i slept i was feeling annoyed, sick, giddy & puke-ish. i woke up feeling much better and what can be even better than to see boyfriend smiling at me at the door when i came out from my room on a thursday night?

surprise :D i love surprises.


exactly 5 years ago on 31st jan 2003, it was chinese new year eve and as usual, it was half day in anderson sec after the chinese new year concert. on normal days, it would be lunch with the girlfriends and then home to prepare for reunion dinner at night. but no, it was not a normal day (: i came up with a lame excuse (i think i said i was meeting my primary school friends or sth like that) to excuse myself from the usual girlfriend lunch and rushed off after the concert. i remembered being nervous, worrying about how my hair looked, how the pleats on my pinafore looked and whether my bag was low enough to look cool (yeah, wth) while walking towards cathay cineleisure. it was my first time out with jacky pay siliang.

lunch was at yoshinoya, which sadly, is already torn down & gone for good now. then we went to watch ‘catch me if you can’ before mrt-ing home.

yoshinoya.jpg     catch.jpg

that was 5 years ago & we were just friends that time. we only got together on the 2nd day of chinese new year. i vividly remembered sitting in front of the television at my grandma’s place watching the mtv channel and getting all excited because kinkikids (oh yes, my jpop era hahahahahaha) was titled ‘artiste of the month’ and they were screening a special interview of them when the sms came in. i had trouble deciding which one to pay attention to, the tv or the hp :D 2nd feb 2003 must have had been a fabulous day for me.

i just felt like i must write this down somewhere in case i get senile and forget these details.

anyway my sis cracks me up.

me: i saw sunyanzi today! at topshop!

sis: oh, really? did she see you?

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after 19 years of living with the name yuanru, i realised ive been pronouncing it wrongly all this while.

i checked the chinese dictionary and my yuan is the forth sound. as in yuanwang(wish) that yuan. its not yan (forth sound).  the second trauma is that my ru, is not ruguo (if) that ru. its a weird ru in the forth sound as in rukou (entrance) that ru. there, try pronouncing my name. yuan(4) ru(4). it sounds super constipated. i suspect my parents named me in a hurry.  and the most devastating thing is, the chinese dictionary redirected me to another phrase called ‘ju(4) ru(4)’ in order to find the meaning of the ru word. great, juru means mud formed from decayed matter. THANKS ALOT UH.

suddenly, betty lily annabelle ruth dont sound so bad ):

i was kept in bed the entire day and wendy brought in this little brown box into my room and asked me if its mine because she was packing the cupboard and found it. its a box with printed collection of love thoughts. i read all 47 of them & i picked out my fave one to put in my daily organiser.

fever fever go away, chong yuan ru has tutorial today ): i dont want to go for make-up tutorial alone another day!!!!!!

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i showed ethel & marilyn the comment karen posted about their names and they decided i should have a classic name too. they called me betty. simply because ethel = jughead’s girlfriend = archie = betty. lol

i combed vivocity, plaza singapura, fareast & wisma alone today. & i  didnt buy what i was supposed to buy but ended up with a new pair of shoes, 1dress for cny from miss selfridge, 1casual dress for school from gapkids and long overdue black leggingsssssssssssssss from topshop (: why do i always splurge when im alone!!!!! i didnt even buy anything when i was out in town with boyfriend the other day. anyway, i think i started cny shopping a little too late because i cant seem to find any dresses that i really really adore. but they seem to be everywhere when im broke. COME OUT PRETTY DRESSES. ITS THE 2008 SPRING COLLECTION AND SPRING IS THE SEASON TO WEAR DRESSES! COME OUT COME OUT.

and i saw stephanie sun at topshop today!

i was reminded of the fun, the gift, that december, that face and that song which i kept repeating on my player today. sometimes things seem further than they really do, horh?

one day i will be like byy i will be brave and honest (:

anyone wants to watch 27dresses again? :D :D :D

i believe in sincerity.