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vk! this song is super sweet. i love the holding hands part haha.

and secretly, to boyfriend (: 

Eien ni
For Eternity
KinKi Kids

When I remember it now, on the day I hurt you
with my casual words
I couldn’t for some reason
even apologize frankly

Everytime I pretended to be strong,
I always made you worry
I’m this kind of man but
more than anyone I love you

For eternity, with you, as us
as we take each other’s hands
we can go slowly, slowly
calmly let’s go together
In the sky we looked up at, thousands of stars
are illuminating our future

Since when did
this crush turn into love?

When unseasonally on the beach
without opening our umbrella in the rain,
we walked, I felt it
that…I wanted to protect this love

For eternity, with you, as us
As we take each other’s hands
This feeling that won’t be changing from now on
Everytime I engrave it into my memories,
inside my heart, like thousands of stars
it’s twinkling

For eternity, with you, as us
as we take each other’s hands
we can go slowly, slowly
calmly let’s go together
Inside of us, thousands of stars
are being born and are twinkling

With you, as us for eternity…

i got this off google search and thanks to D.T. who did the translation.




he is so effortlessly cute in my eyes.

if only…

okay i need sleep.

i was bored to that extent. now, applaud me for being brave and flashing my high forehead. ugly stuff.

anyway, VK IF YOURE READING THIS, the indian nationals didnt cook today ): they reheated some curry instead. and they ate it with leftover fried rice too! talk about being thrifty :D

i received a sick email today. its an advertisement calling for girls to sell their used panties. EUW EUW EUW. old men with panties fetish actually fork out hundreds for each piece. i cant believe it. like karen said, theres alot of crazy shit out there. toilet.jpg

and, yangzhou fried rice fried by a china man still tastes like beijing chao fan or shanghai chao fan. theres no hint of yangzhou-ness in it. that was my dinner by the way.

i need to go home soon. 1. i miss home. 2. my grandma is going for her 3rd operation. 3. im running out of clean underwear.

i had yongtaufoo for breakfast and the kwayteow tasted so bad i stopped forcing myself after 4 mouthfuls.

tried the baked rice yawen recommended me for lunch today. it was not bad (: not too cheesy but its fine with me. dinner was astons with my parents. haha i actually took a bus down to find them at clementi central for dinner but my dad wanted to try astons because i was telling him how nice it was last night, SO we drove back to pgp for dinner. how cute. should have told me earlier!

anyway i was telling my mum that going to the toilet in the middle of the night is damn scary and she suggested putting a spittoon in the room. my first reaction was YUCKS. SUPER GROSS CAN! hahahah i dont want my room to smell of pee. and who actually uses a spittoon in this century! lol.

if my parents had told me that they wanted to eat in pgp, i would have stayed in my room and then i would have been able to meet boyfriend! he had nightsout today and he wanted to meet up initially. my plan was actually to takeaway astons and pop by his place if he was having nightsout BUT i thought he was in camp and since i already bathed and changed, i dated my parents instead. so we ended up chatting over the phone instead.

boyfriend had 6-a-side hockey competition today. i think its some army thing and there were 9 teams in total. his 1guards “thing” (i dont know the correct term. erm, company? provision? the entire 1guards….) sent two representative teams and both teams claimed the TOP TWO positions! they even have a medal each and an offday. WHEE. baby’s medal’s gold lmao im so proud.

but at the same time i suddenly feel so useless & incapable next to him. grhh.

today i wrote my diary entry in mirror writing. i realised it comes pretty naturally to me and really interesting. leonardo da vinci did this for his personal notes too haha. research suggested that the ability to do mirror writing is probably inherited and caused by atypical language organisation in the brain. by simply looking at it, it just looks like 3 pages of gibberish. i love it, its like code-language but its not. im going to stick to mirror writing in my handwritten diary from today onwards.

oh, and the indian nationals cooked fried rice for dinner today.


zere iz notzing i can zayyy.

lets re-live our glorious past!

too much glory can never be harmful.

or can it?

rah. i slept at 5am last night. thanks to tau’s recommendation, i’ve watched 3 movies online since yesterday. good luck chuck, 27dresses(again!) and meet the spartans.

oh and a bird flew into my room today but it flew away before i could reach for my phone to capture the scene. how many times do u get flying creatures in your room unless your pet is a bird or a butterfly? hence, it makes me feel like today is a special day. so im staging a schoolwork-strike today. i am not studying today.

i can never find the right words to say.


i was just minding my own business at the desk and the papers that were on my bed got blown away and all over the place by the FAN but i got so freaked out when i saw the pieces of paper ‘flying’ i SCREAMT OUT LOUD. i hope i didnt wake any of my neighbours up and i pray hard that none of them heard me scream if they are not asleep at this unearthly hour. what the hell am i trying to do by switching on the fan on full blast and wearing a jacket in my room! i am such a total retard i feel like banging my head on the wall.

anyway, i think i may have nice neighbours.
lauren’s from canada. i think that was pretty sweet of her. (even though the daisies are dead & wilted)

the indian nationals were cooking curry tonight.