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my weekend:

my project photoshoot session at matthew’s place. speaking of his place, i must show you his room’s toilet.
the toilet’s open-concept which means that the bed is just directly next to it and check out that toilet seat & sink!

&then i headed over to boyfriend’s. he was asleep when i got there so i helped his mum cooked dinner instead.

waiting for the chicken to be baked & i got bored.

his parade uniform. exceedingly yummy.

the entire sunday, we hugged each other & cried & wiped tears & blew noses for one another. it hurts so much sometimes but letting go is not an option.
even with swollen/puffy/red eyes & red noses, i still call this picture perfect <3

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went for ambienceVI with james&jeremy. met up for dinner at some japanese ramen place before the concert. i adore japanese food.

i saw so many ex-andersonians today! okay mostly the alumni band & I MISS EVERYONE SO MUCH! so many familiar faces i flashed my idiotic grin at everyone. i regretted not taking part in the alumni band for this concert badly ): i think nearly the entire 01-04 batch performed except for vk, jiesin, anthony, evelyn & me ): ): ): attendance for clarinet section was impressive. for our batch, everyone went back except for vk&i! even amanda zee & fengxue went back! i totally miss the clarinet days. i couldnt contain my excitement when i saw them & i hugged quite a few&grabbed nearly everybody’s hands haha.

so, we sat next to vk & her love. after the concert started the two of them were so sweet and fingers intertwined totally next to me (haha vk dont think i never see!) so loving aww. to my left was james & jeremy who were so ‘lovingly’ engaged in their conversation too. so, i studied the programme booklet from the cover page to the last page for more than 8 times i think.

(and i noticed, amb has a KOREAN recruit?! lol vk & i cheered: (KANG) SEUNG-HEE!! when the junior band came out)

i loved the repertoire this evening. miyazaki animation medley was love. junior band played some high school musical song it was damn cute. alumni did a great job with jap graffitti 9. xiuwen sang ‘tomorrow’. another junior sang a japanese song during the encore! bombastic (:

& vk gave me a rose although i didnt perform. the rest got daisies. HAHA i love my buddy.

how pretty can a pretty pink rose get? (: thanks buddy.

the cute & the ugly. buddy, no matter how cute u get & how ugly i become, we will remain as buddies & our kids will play together on the swings in 15 years time (:

oh how much we’ve changed since sec school days. the big-tee-board-shorts ensemble fashion disaster with horrendous hairstyles & horrifying specs scars our past.  but its okay because now its all hello-pretty-dresses & darling accessories.  <3

i dont have pictures that i took with the band. i will need to pester some unlucky people to send them to me soon.

& at the end of the day, thankyou james for the company and withstanding all my complains/yelling/clapping/singing and cheering. look at how tired he was. HAHA. and my red face makes me look like im drunk. no, i wasnt. its the mrt lighting.

so much so for a happy day. i should have came home & went to bed immediately.

today, lets embrace colours because my mood is not colourful. my sincere thanks to nicole richie/olsen twins who popularised the oversized shades look because it effectively covers 2/3 of the eye bandage. but at the same time, half of my face is gone too. if i have a choice, i will want to shrink my forehead. okay no link. i want a small face.

i am not thinking straight recently. hurh. i received free sweets today.
long chat with hazel during lab session today. seems like we both have the same issues so we kept going on & on. she surprised me with “can i sign on your eye pad?” she always cracks me up. kelvin better be nice to her or else…

amb concert later. i cant wait to see lester lim. although i know for sure he will criticize/insult me. used to it already. i hope he gets a wife so he will stop being so cynical.

and, im running out of patience. my tolerance meter was busted long ago.



“i have nothing left for you anymore.”
& no, its not okay. im not okay.

hello cyber world, its 3.23am and im awake because my eye STILL hurts.

taken before i went to sleep at night. have you ever seen an eye plaster? it makes me look like an alien/monster/burnt victim, dont you think? and for your information, i still look like that while im typing this.

& i cant believe i talked to my maid the entire night like she was my best friend. sigh best friend again.

byy&juliana are currently my only confides.

i woke up with an eye infection this morning ): my left eye is red & swollen & it looks terrible. i took a photo & sent an mms of it to jacky and he thought he was watching ‘the eye’. all the dark red networks on my eye are visible and theres this significant ‘pool’ of red area right below the pupil which i suspect could be due to a burst blood vessel ): it hurts like mad whenever i blink and i have been tearing since i woke up. i cried to wendy the entire day.

this was the mms picture ): this is extremely painful. 

stuck at home with nothing to do since i cannot go anywhere with such a scary eye, i decided to make use of whatever i have at home & bake.

oreo cupcakes with peanut butter frosting oh yum. i tried to play around with the circular plain piping pattern!

this is the family series! dad,mum,popo & wendy. i did one for my sis and her beau (yeah, new interest…) but because i do not like the guy, i will not post the picture up haha.

oh-so-corny but i like.

i ran out of ideas for designs. so i doodled like a 7year old kid during art class.

but at the end of the day, cupcakes are still meant to be eaten!

baking always has that therapeutic effect on me. although my eye still hurts. ): ): ): ): ): ): ):

project deadlines are approaching im being so swamped by project work!!

i had breakfast & dinner with boyfriend today. im starting to think that i frequent his house too often. what if mrs pay disapproves of my sticky behaviour? oh no. i should cut down on my visits! or maybe i should offer to coach jasley on her schoolwork while im there. okay im being so random.

the awkward smile was done on purpose because i wanted to showcase both rows of his metal-free teeth. i dont know why but i did the same awkward smile and my face looked so ugly i needed to do damage control to this photo, hence the heart covering half my face.

sometimes i think i ruin alot of happy moments with my sudden moodswings. maybe he doesnt realise it but i get affected by myself. i assume alot of things & i dont tend to seek confirmations. then these will build their toll on me & i get all depressed. the same issue keeps resurfacing & i know there can never be a solution. because i am unreasonable & extremely selfish. when something is in my head, its in my head. how come some people just dont know their limits ): okay best friends indeed. what if you cross the ‘bestfriends’ line? and, isnt your other half supposed to be your bestfriend instead? when this indian husband&wife team of amazing race season 10 introduced themselves and the husband said that his wife = his bestfriend, my heart sank deep. i feel that i am being unfair but i am afraid to say goodbye.

end of topic: i am fucking insecure. no matter how many i-love-yous exchanged, words are still just words.

(i cant believe i typed that.)

moving on, look at this:

no i didnt do this. joshua xie (my ajc og mate) folded 100cranes for his beloved jilly to commemorate their 100th day together which is, today (since its already 1am, 25thmarch) and, because he is leaving for taiwan for 3weeks soon (you guessed it, ns), he is actually planning things for his jilly ps-i-love-you-style so that she will not miss him/feel lonely. the movie guy did that because he was dying. but joshua’s case = three weeks = 21days! GIRLS, if you are reading this, purposely show this to your boyfriends okay. hahaha.

alright. boyfriend’s nightmare drills sessions officially starts tomorrow until this saturday which is the parade.

after my very angry ranting above, this picture made me smile a little. i deliberately distorted our faces because i felt like it. his excited face when he announced that he can eat bubblegum from saturday onwards is probably one of the many reasons why i want him for myself so badly. silly boy.

It’s been years since we first met
Since we looked into each other’s eyes
Not realizing that we were meant to be together
It’s been years since we shared our first laugh
Our first smile
Since we shared our first kiss
I remember how strong your arms embraced me
How soft you held me
How warm and gentle you were
I remember how passionate that first kiss was
Now my heart is dancing
Happy, knowing that it’s been years
It’s been years since we first met
And you’re still here kissing me just the same
You’re still here holding me just the same
What I felt for you is still the same
It’s been years
And that feeling will never change
– Takia Johnson –