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because last night i didnt sleep at all and i ate potato chips and cup noodles to stay awake and study for biodiversity, my throat feels very scratchy & im having a headache now. im also having a terrible toothache now. i suspect im having a wisdom tooth. my parents asked me to go and take a mc instead. but you see, i stayed up all night to study and now youre asking me to take a mc, am i dumb or what!!??

anyone had a wisdom tooth extraction before??? i hate teeth extractions ): i hate numb lips/gums ): i need to go to the dental soon & i had enough of dental trips for 4 years because of my braces ):


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so what if ive got good results in PSLE, OLEVELS & ALEVELS, just to screw up EVERYTHING when i am in university?

i am so disappointed in myself & i feel like throwing myself away.

nobody will understand how i feel right now.

i laughed so hard at 3am my chest hurts.

QSN: today is your girlfriend’s birthday. what will you do to surprise her?

KOICHI: i will drive to her house & stay inside my car. when she comes out, i will press the honk to the tune of ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’.

after which he proceeded to sing “PHUNPHUNPHUNPHUNPHUNPHUN!”

QSN: you just reached your girlfriend’s place and she is sleeping. what do you do?

KOICHI: i will lie next to her and pongpong her head.

“erh.. pongpong?”

he went on to demonstrate. he meant to pat her head lightly while she slept. HAHA pongpong.

pongpong :)

no-bake oreo cheesecake for after-dinner dessert / supper! made this today, lovely!

my fat face ): & im still eating cheesecake at 10pm. HOW.

i cannot stay at home and study because i either doze off on the bed/sofa or i get distracted by the tv. my sis even caught me talking to my lobster. and at lunchtime i decided to be random and cook again. appetiser was caramelized bananas (i know its supposed to be desserts but NO HARM reversing the order) and main course was CHICKEN KATSU RICE. :D yes, katsu again. because my sis asked for it and shes not at work today. rice was chicken rice as in hainanese chicken rice hurhur. i love cooking!

and ive alr prepared the desserts after dinner. OREO CHEESECAKE. anyone needs someone to cook for them at home during the holidays???? ( p.s. but i dont wash the dishes.)

i cannot complain about having no food at home anymore because jacky bought so much snacks over for me in case i get hungry when i study at night. oreos cupnoodles chocolates biscuits cannedtuna & chips. late night snacking = grow very fat. and he getting skinnier, i must reverse this trend.

i didnt cover much even though i stayed at home the entire day, im so DEAD.

29th April – Molecular Genetics

30th April – Biodiversity


5th May – Changing Landscapes of Singapore (last paper!) & shopping with marilyn after paper (:

Xth May – Steamboat at Coca. (pending)

15th May – HONGKONG with jacky.

26th May – Gunung Stong Trek with claire&rovers.

and kuishinbo with vk and gathering with girlfriends. set a date soon!

AND i want to go on a picnic (still).

exams hurry up and end please!!

was it a slip of tongue or just a sign of it being constantly in your mind/top of your head. oh well, i heard it.

sunday morning breakfast topic at home was about my cousin, ruizhi & her boyfriend. theyve been together since they were 15, and theyre each other’s first love. PLUS, they are getting married next year after 12 years of courtship. WOW :D

how sweet is that! they are like, fairytale come true! cant wait to attend their weddingggg.

however, my granny doesnt like the idea. because the guy studied in US and lives in Taiwan. she kept thinking that its inappropriate for the girl’s family to fly over to Taiwan to discuss wedding plans instead of the GUY’S FAMILY coming over. and she has this mindset that she’s going to lose a granddaughter once she marries off. ummmm.

OMGGGGG I FEEL SO STUPID. i was browsing through f21 website and i saw THIS:

f21 sells this for USD19.90.

remember the urban outfitters dress i bought????

IT COSTS ME USD58.00. im glad f21 doesnt have it in this pretty navy blue or else i would have died. its nearly THREE times the price, wow. i swear i love f21.

anyway, im supposed to be reading up on molecular genetics now. beautiful sunday wasted on mugging. goodbye.

hello friends.

if youre reading this kindly post a memory of me and you doing something we never did. (from byy’s)

perfume & cosmetics paper was AWFUL for me. but i nearly burst out laughing because the applying makeup while driving precaution thing came out. biochemistry paper kind of stumped me too. i dont even want to think how screwed i am for this semester. i only realised i forgot to study one ENTIRE set of notes on carbohydrates (-citric acid cycle & glycosis) 2 hours before the paper started. so i spent my entire 2hours break cramming in all the steps & enzymes involved because EVERYONE told me that its IMPORTANT. guess what. NONE OF IT came out. its as well as not reading that set of notes at all. and because i crammed in more than what i can remember, i messed up all the glycogenesis, glycogenolysis, ketogenesis & beta-oxidation steps/enzymes that i memorized the night before. when you have to memorize enzyme names like phosphoglycomutase, UDPG-pyrophosphorylase, gluco-6-phosphatase, amylo-alpha(1,6)glucosidase, beta-hydroxyacyl dehydrogenase etc.. you tend to mix everything up. and the thing is, i just typed all the above names without reference and i miraculously can recall them BUT when i was sitting in the exam hall with the paper in front of me, i simply blanked out.

): my cap score will hit record low this sem. ugh.

2 papers on a saturday aint a great start. sigh. i put down my pen and experienced a brain shutdown moment which lasted for about 4minutes during the exam today. well, 3 more to go!

overanalysing is a waste of time. but i think i have alot of time to waste after my exams. MAY IS APPROACHINGGGGGGGG. MAY IS THE MONTH OF TAURUS. I AM A TAURUS. HOHOHO

i want to have pretty waves / curls on very long hair but my hair always reaches a stagnant stage once it is of a certain length im soooooo annoyed. and all i have is out of bed messy hair everyday :/ i hate it!

i will try and find a way to get tousled hair without looking like a mad woman.

this is irritating because im studying in school now and there’s renovation works going on in science. oh drill drill drill.

and i found an old photo in my folder which i didnt post because i was lazy. how dumb.