“never drive and apply makeup. not only does it make for dangerous driving, but hitting a bump in the road and scratching your eyeball can cause bacteria to contaminate the cut and could result in serious injury, including blindness.” extracted from my cosmetics&perfumes lecture notes. i cant believe im studying this :/

korean strawberries make me happy.

the postman made me even happier today when he arrived with two of my online purchases!

my choochootrain top! i love the print.

the first time shopping at sixraisins.lj! it even comes with a thankyou note with their lipstick imprints!

oh hohoho i think i have a weak spot for vintage dresses. (read: OBIANG)

umm im still waiting for my urban outfitters dresses & f21 top! why SO SLOW.

i am lusting after this double braided silk headband from stacey lapidus. but that tiny thing costs $109!!!!!! so being the poor girl i am…. i decided to make my own one from satin!

i couldnt get the braids to ‘flatten’ out like the stacey lapidus’s one. ): oh well. they must have a reason for their price, right? mine only cost me $2.40. like, how cheap is that?! diy is the way to go when im broke! im making another red one haha. anyone wants one?

im supposed to be studying but my mum just called and ask if i want to eat PRATA! HAHAHA PRATA HERE I COME.