reading through my perfumes lecture notes & i came across the colour rosette test. it determines personality types and your perfume preferences!! try it! note: make your decision based on your emotional response rather than intellectual decision based on “good taste”.

For Women
Choose from the images given below.


Group A: Extraverted

As a result of their basic psychological make-up, the perfume users in this group tend to be optimistic and active. They are outgoing, dynamic and willing to accept risks. The attitudes and behavior patterns of the perfume users that make up this group reflect their psychological personality traits:

In group efforts, they like to be the leaders – They reject a weak, non-self-sufficient woman’s role – Life and all of its difficulties pose no problems for them – They can quickly impart life to a boring group – Tasks that demand fast action are what they love.

Their desired lifestyle is straight-forward, practical and utilitarian, and they display a keen interest in everything new.

Fragrance need: Fresh – citrus – floral.

Group B: Introverted

The need for inner tranquility and harmony as well as the possibility of being able to develop their own individuality, characterize this user group. As a result of their psychological make-up, they tend to both relate to their environment, while simultaneously defining themselves against it. Their characteristic attitudes and behavior patterns are:

Pondering a great deal about themselves and others – Rejection of those who are merely superficial – They would rather stay at home than go to a boring party – Living alone on a deserted island for months or years on end would pose no problems for them – They are decisive in rejecting anything that would threaten or restrict the individuality.

Their desired lifestyle is individualistic and unique, and not infrequently “alternative”.

Fragrance need: Oriental.

Group C: Emotionally Ambivalent

As a result of their basic psychological make-up, these perfume users are highly sensitive and have finely developed feelings. Their moods are ambivalent. Day-dreams and romantic, sentimental fantasies from a firm part of their reality. The way in which they experience life manifests itself in their characteristics attitudes and behavior patterns:

Sometimes, they are ready to conquer the world, while on other occasions, they cannot get up the energy to do any real work – They reject everything that is too sober and rational – They enjoy dreaming about things that cannot possibly even come true – An aversion to having their moods and feelings restricted – They enjoy cozy evening at home with lights dimmed.

Their desired lifestyle does not display any uniform traits. Their interest in fashionable new trends is appeased by emotional ties to old artifacts that they have grown to love.

Fragrance need: Aldehydic-floral, usually in conjunction with various other fragrance families.

Group D: Emotionally ambivalent with extraverted mood trend

The perfume users that comprise this group display a basic personality make-up that is lively, cheerful and vivacious, yet easily injured. This group reacts spontaneously and generously to its environment, as can be evidenced by its characteristic attitudes and behavior patterns:

They always attempt to make the best out of what life has to offer – Their attitude is: We should satisfy as many desires as possible; after all, we only live once – They reject people who let themselves go – They can make decisions spontaneously and be enthusiastic about them – Should they feel injured, they attempt to overcome the situation without brooding over the cause of it longer than is absolutely necessary.

Their desired lifestyle is geared toward modernality. It is characterized by spontaneous interests and impulsiveness, and sometimes “dreamy” behavior.

Fragrance need: Floral, floral-fruity.

Group E: Emotionally ambivalent with introverted mood trend

As a result of their personality make-up, the perfume users in this group reject hectic, unsettled or dynamic life. They have a strong need for protection and security. Characteristic attitudes and behavior patterns of this group include:

A desire to plan carefully and on a long-range basis – In the event of illness, they would always have the diagnosis confirmed by a second opinion – A secure job that offers only average earnings is preferable to a short, yet high paying job – Whenever possible, they avoid conflicts – They enjoy having people around them who can offer them security, but without disturbing the rhythm of their own lives.

Their desired lifestyle necessitates a firm financial foundation. They have strong preference for collecting valuable items.

Fragrance need: Floral-sweet, oriental

Group F: Emotionally stable with extraverted mood trend

These perfume users display a basic personality make-up that is strong, harmonious and well balanced. They are rarely unhappy or depressed. The aspects that make up their daily lives are assessed realistically and pursued diligently. Several characteristic attitudes and behavior patterns:

Problems are solved in a practical, uncomplicated manner – They don’t worry about the past – They put less stock in their luck and more in their own deeds – They radiate human warmth and strength to their environment – They play or have played an active role in organizing club or group.

Their desired lifestyle is characterized by a preference for quality, well-made and durable things.

Fragrance need: Chypre, floral – mossy, animalistic, fruity.

Group G: Emotionally stable with introverted mood trend

The perfume users in this group are engaged in a search for well-balanced emotional state. As a result of their personality make-up, they are neither predominantly quiet and introverted nor highly dynamic and lively. And last but not the least, their desire for self-control also manifests in their characteristic attitudes and behavior patterns toward themselves and their environment:

Care is taken to avoid overstepping their bounds with respect to others – They value a certain social level in those around them – Their search for a well-balanced emotional state, they feel, is not made any easier by their environment – They would not let themselves go in the presence of others – Even when they are alone, they like to eat at a carefully set table.

The lifestyle desired by this group is life in the fast lane; they love everything that is elegant, special and precious.

Fragrance need: Aldehyde notes, aldehydic-floral-powdery.

The brown/yellow/green color rosette

The studies performed with the H&R Color Test showed that the “emotionally stable” mood does not represent an independent, typical fragrance need.

Should, however, a perfume user select the brown/yellow/green color rosette in conjunction with any other color rosette for Groups A to G, it is an indication that she is looking for the fragrance direction indicated by the group, but in a particularly straight-forward, uncomplicated form.

Combinations of various groups indicate a combination of the corresponding fragrance needs.

For Men
Choose from the images given below. Do not select more than two symbols.


The active dynamo

The active dynamo describes his ideal as being practical-uncomplicated, bold-optimistic, enterprising-impulsive: “It doesn’t take me long to put life into a bunch of couch potatoes.” “I love tasks that demand fast action.” For him, personal care is primarily an active problem-solving ability. He wants a fragrance to have a fresh, invigorating, active radiance. This masculine personality enjoys finding his dynamic-active ideal reflected in his fragrance.

His desired lifestyle is oriented toward change and motion. This manifests itself especially in his leisure activities. Here, the emphasis is on pitting his athletic prowess against the elements of nature or testing his strength against similarly minded men.

Fragrance preferences: Fresh-citrus, spicy to herbaceous.

The sensitive individualist

The sensitive individualist’s ideal is the profound loner. He is less dependent upon external stimulation than others: “I’d love to spend a few months at a quiet, remote lake.” In his basic mental structure, he experiences himself as being sensitive and delicate. The impression he imparts to those around him is of being reflective and critical. He scorns interpersonal relationships that are merely skin deep: “I dislike it when the people I deal with change so quickly that I don’t get a chance to really know them.”

The sensitive individualist is the cautious customer who wants to ensure the compatibility of products on his skin, for example. Although he takes a skeptical view of high-flying product promises, he is emotionally receptive to products which indirectly promise to satisfy his own, exotic withdrawal fantasies.

The sensitive individualist associates his ideal with warm, spicy, Oriental notes that offer an erogenous character. Ideally the fragrance should represent manifestation of his profound, mysterious self experience desire.

The spontaneous nut

The spontaneous nut’s ideal is eternal youth. His general taste criterion – invigorating, interesting, stimulating, and new – runs like common thread throughout his entire esthetic experience. Be it in music or art, he always prefers modern, bright, colorful, unconventional stimuli over those that are less colorful, plainer and more drab.

The spontaneous nut is highly fashion-oriented: He will do anything to flee dreary boredom of everyday life: “I think its boring to always invite the same people to parties.” He portrays himself as being extraverted, with material symbols playing an important role. Most of his fellow males view the spontaneous nut as seeking merely superficial effects. In his view of himself, conversely, the spontaneous nut has broken with the classical masculine image.

In fragrances as in personal care, he is always ready to strike out in new directions, ever in the expectation of immediate sensory stimulation. He scorns fragrances and esthetic products that are customarily associated with such concepts as middle class, old or dull.

Notes with a cool, light, stimulating, invigorating and even crazy image from the culinary sector meet with his unrestricted interest.

The cultivated gentleman

The determining trait of the cultivated gentleman is the desire to keep his distance from the masses and their tastes: “I don’t like having anyone sit next to me on an airplane.” His attitude manifests itself in two ways in the fragrance and personal care sector. On the one hand, he scorns common, mass-market products or products that do not offer the image of exclusivity that he demands; on the other, he is skeptical of what happens to be in fashion at the moment or as he terms it, mere lads. “Only that which is valuable can offer enduring value, exquisiteness is timeless.”

This consumer’s ideal is intellectual pleasure in good taste. “I have an affinity for fine English breeding.” Analytical aptitude on a high plane, combined with a slight bent toward irony, as well as his preference for natural substances, is a general trait in the esthetic experience of this man.
He is less likely to experience himself in a fragrance, but tends to let the fragrance make an impression on him.

He associates timeless elegance and character with a fragrance that offers an inherently well rounded, warm, natural woody-Fougere note. The harmony of the fragrance satisfies his need for inner tranquility and equilibrium.

The unobtrusive, well-groomed man

For the unobtrusive, well-groomed man, the ideal is natural, unobtrusively elegant masculinity with an orientation toward traditional values. His fragrance selection is guided less by emotional than by rational aspects. It is characterized by a fear of appearing incorrectly perfumed to those around him. Of appearing soft, feminine, unmanly, artificial, presumptuous or superficial. His desired lifestyle is success and status-oriented, with clear objectives.

For the unobtrusive, well-groomed man, the use of a prestige brand signifies the realization of a material, achievement-oriented concept of self. By using these kinds of products, he thus demonstrates to himself and to those around him that he has either already achieved his desired goal or is in the process of attaining it.

His fragrance preference is an unobtrusive dry naturalness, tending toward tobacco or leather.

The untamed man

The untamed man wants a free, unencumbered, straight forward, non conformist, individual life: “Life wouldn’t be half as much fun if I couldn’t turn things topsy-turvy every now and then.” For him, fragrance must be an expression of pure, unbroken masculinity; at the same time, though, the fragrance must also satisfy his inner sensitivity, which is masked by his cool behavior patterns. This man lives primarily by the watchword: “Sometimes I do exactly the opposite of what is expected of me.”

Understandably enough, his ideal is characterized by a latent fear of losing his masculinity through the use of the wrong fragrance. He associates his ideal self with the cool-leathery notes with which he presents himself to the outside world.

However to satisfy his inner experience, the fragrance must offer a transition to balsamic body and foundation notes. He always scorns classical fragrance and cosmetic counseling as being merely an attempt to manipulate him.

Dr. Joachim Mensing/Christa Beck
Research Institute for Applied Esthetics
Freiburg, West Germany

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