its nearly 1am and im in macs now. not that i love macs very much or that i cant study at home, i just cant stand being deprived of internet because something is very very wrong with my connection at home. im connected but i cant access to almost all websites except GOOGLE. for example if i typed “”, an error page will appear. then maybe i type another url and the same error page appears. but when i click ‘back’, i will then be able to access to my blog. how weird is that! it only works for certain urls and sometimes clicking ‘back’ works while some require me to click ‘forward’. others simply DO NOT WORK. starhub says there is NO PROBLEM and its probably just my laptop. THANKS.

i typed a long post on some thoughts but because of this problem, its lost. i dont think i want to retype everything again. oh well, i hope things get better :/

and, i cooked japanese curry with tonkatsu today. the curry was good but japanese curries are easy peasy because they are all box-ed up premixes… so it doesn’t count. BUT the tonkatsu (chicken cutlet) that i marinated & fried from scratch was YUMMY HAHAHA. my mum took a bite & she asked me whether the chicken was bought from outside one is it :D i am convinced that i belong more to the kitchen than in science laboratories.

more curry gravy please!

i thought wednesdays are standard nightsout days for jacky. wanted to surprise him/cheer him up so i packed some tonkatsu curry rice which was intended to be his dinner & headed down to eastcoastpark’s macs to wait since his camp is nearby. turned out that he was having some games day today & there was a buffet style dinner in camp & no nightsout. oh well. i was very tired by then because i only slept for 2hours last night so i took a cab home in the end.

this is very weird………….. the woman sitting next to me has been talking and laughing to herself for the past 10 minutes and she just turned to me and told me that a certain royal subject from thailand stays at yishun ave 4 & asked her to have sex with him for $1000 or else he will cast a spell on her. she said she feels that her V is threatened. & she keeps repeating that to me. i smiled at her & pretended to be very engrossed in typing this paragraph… this is so awkward.


ANYWAY, sometimes people get so comfortable with what they have that they start to take things / people for granted. always be appreciative & thankful for everything lest you regret it when these things / people leave you for good.

i had a terrible dream last night even though i only slept for barely 2hrs. its frightening & devastating.

RIGHT, im supposed to start studying for my biochemistry exam. goodluck to myself & probably goodnight to everyone else.

i dont know why but i am angry at myself. did i do wrong?