i feel like puking now because i ate alot of black sesame pudding for breakfast.

last night’s phone conversation with byy&kokloong was pretty entertaining. my dear friend thought he was a victim in a fraud case/scam and was cheated of his money. byy & i were exploring the possibilities of that happening and were trying to come up with reasonable explanations to calm him down. it was nearly 11+ pm already and kl kept insisting that he should go make a police report. we managed to ask him to wait & see what happens and at 3am, he msged us to say that its just a case of misunderstanding. how smart lol.

“see how much they like it! they sitting on top of that pile of salt!” omg,  my dad, haha.

H&M’s designers have created a beautiful collection with Marimekko’s popular patterns from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s for the summer 2008. The collection of some 50 products will be sold in H&M’s stores on all 28 markets from April 2008. The collection, which has a graphic overall look, will comprise airy summer
favourites such as wide 70s dresses, tunics, skirts and shorts for women. For men there will be classic summer shirts and shorts. whats not to love about H&M??????!