okay i know i am blogging way too often within a night but its 4.23am now and my macdonalds di-per-fast (dinner/supper/breakfast) just arrived so im eating now and i need to do something else other than to read my biochemistry notes.

i regret ordering big mac because i have a sudden craving for fish mcdippers when i saw the M sign. oh well. i was VERY HUNGRY and i thought BIG MAC sounded filling. nevermind im eating already anyway.

just read byy’s entry & her blog entries always leave me pondering over different topics. haha she discussed about bus drivers & the consideration of education level/capabilities when seeking for your lifetime partner. well, her question was whether you would mind marrying a bus driver given your current level of education. will you believe me if i said i dont mind? but ah-hah, heres the catch. he CAN be a bus driver for all i care BUT he has to be willing to learn & constantly seek to improve his life. say, maybe he holds a bus license now. but he cannot be satisfied being a bus driver his entire life. he will be constantly on the lookout for a better job and learn new skills to attain that goal. every small step counts. with a bus license, he can actually attempt to set out on his own and start a small business say, for example, providing school bus services. from there he can build up his business and regain his capital & eventually, make profits. from his profits, he can venture into something even bigger, like providing bus services to travel agencies etc. soon he can start his own bus rental company. who says he has to be a bus driver all his life?

maybe i can say this or i have this mindset because i am not some rich man’s child and i lead a normal life. in my eyes, everyone is equal. i dont look down on poor people because i dont have the right to and i am actually quite poor myself haha. i dont look down on people with a lower iq because that does not mean that they are stupid. assuming that all the readers of this blog have attained a diploma / are pursuing a degree / planning to pursue one, imagine this. what if you were not as academically inclined as you are now? what if you went to EM3 in primary school and scraped through PSLE to get into a neighbourhood school’s normal technical stream and is in ITE now? does that make you a lousier person? does that mean you will never make it big one day?

honestly, even though i am already nearing the end of my first year in university, i must admit that i have no idea what i want in life. whats my goal & why am i even in university in the first place? its because i am living in singapore and in this country, without a paper qualification, people deem you incapable straight away. what rubbish.

and if you are a science student like me, you will know that even though you can be extremely smart and you pick a partner who is as smart as you are, your kid CAN turn out to be stupid. its not hereditary. when that happens, it will be like a poke in your eye. so what? are you going to disown your poor child?

to all the people who look for a life partner judging on their social status/wealth/iq, i hope your child turns out to be the complete opposite.