sunday morning breakfast topic at home was about my cousin, ruizhi & her boyfriend. theyve been together since they were 15, and theyre each other’s first love. PLUS, they are getting married next year after 12 years of courtship. WOW :D

how sweet is that! they are like, fairytale come true! cant wait to attend their weddingggg.

however, my granny doesnt like the idea. because the guy studied in US and lives in Taiwan. she kept thinking that its inappropriate for the girl’s family to fly over to Taiwan to discuss wedding plans instead of the GUY’S FAMILY coming over. and she has this mindset that she’s going to lose a granddaughter once she marries off. ummmm.

OMGGGGG I FEEL SO STUPID. i was browsing through f21 website and i saw THIS:

f21 sells this for USD19.90.

remember the urban outfitters dress i bought????

IT COSTS ME USD58.00. im glad f21 doesnt have it in this pretty navy blue or else i would have died. its nearly THREE times the price, wow. i swear i love f21.

anyway, im supposed to be reading up on molecular genetics now. beautiful sunday wasted on mugging. goodbye.