hello friends.

if youre reading this kindly post a memory of me and you doing something we never did. (from byy’s)

perfume & cosmetics paper was AWFUL for me. but i nearly burst out laughing because the applying makeup while driving precaution thing came out. biochemistry paper kind of stumped me too. i dont even want to think how screwed i am for this semester. i only realised i forgot to study one ENTIRE set of notes on carbohydrates (-citric acid cycle & glycosis) 2 hours before the paper started. so i spent my entire 2hours break cramming in all the steps & enzymes involved because EVERYONE told me that its IMPORTANT. guess what. NONE OF IT came out. its as well as not reading that set of notes at all. and because i crammed in more than what i can remember, i messed up all the glycogenesis, glycogenolysis, ketogenesis & beta-oxidation steps/enzymes that i memorized the night before. when you have to memorize enzyme names like phosphoglycomutase, UDPG-pyrophosphorylase, gluco-6-phosphatase, amylo-alpha(1,6)glucosidase, beta-hydroxyacyl dehydrogenase etc.. you tend to mix everything up. and the thing is, i just typed all the above names without reference and i miraculously can recall them BUT when i was sitting in the exam hall with the paper in front of me, i simply blanked out.

): my cap score will hit record low this sem. ugh.

2 papers on a saturday aint a great start. sigh. i put down my pen and experienced a brain shutdown moment which lasted for about 4minutes during the exam today. well, 3 more to go!

overanalysing is a waste of time. but i think i have alot of time to waste after my exams. MAY IS APPROACHINGGGGGGGG. MAY IS THE MONTH OF TAURUS. I AM A TAURUS. HOHOHO