i cannot complain about having no food at home anymore because jacky bought so much snacks over for me in case i get hungry when i study at night. oreos cupnoodles chocolates biscuits cannedtuna & chips. late night snacking = grow very fat. and he getting skinnier, i must reverse this trend.

i didnt cover much even though i stayed at home the entire day, im so DEAD.

29th April – Molecular Genetics

30th April – Biodiversity


5th May – Changing Landscapes of Singapore (last paper!) & shopping with marilyn after paper (:

Xth May – Steamboat at Coca. (pending)

15th May – HONGKONG with jacky.

26th May – Gunung Stong Trek with claire&rovers.

and kuishinbo with vk and gathering with girlfriends. set a date soon!

AND i want to go on a picnic (still).

exams hurry up and end please!!

was it a slip of tongue or just a sign of it being constantly in your mind/top of your head. oh well, i heard it.