i thought i had alot of things to write for my SS paper today because i managed to churn out 9 pages of essay within 2 hours BUT apparently, its not enough! i think 50% of the people who sat for the paper handed in TWO answer booklets which means they wrote > 10 pages. ARE THEY MACHINES?!?!! or am i just plain dumb????

anyway i had to do comparision between two historic districts and i chose chinatown as one of them. i need to clarify something: do samsui women stay in chinatown??? i really have no idea but i just said that they do anyway. HURHUR. i studied so much for urbanisation but i ended up NOT choosing any urbanisation questions, okay its confirmed, im STUPID.

WHATS DONE IS DONE. and this means that my holidays are here. i headed over to my dadshop after the paper because the big japanese boss of CITIZEN is popping over and i was there to be the translator. mrs sato will be proud of me!! went out with marilyn after that. we shopped & shopped and she ended up with a tee & a dress while i bought a dress & a tank (: i wasnt planning to spend any money initially but oh well, somebody should just keep me away from fitting rooms. marilyn & i talked nonstop & our topics are ENDLESS. its fun to talk so much in a day (:

i just realised, im done with my first year in university just like that. its pretty amazing, isn’t it? lets say i graduate within 3 years, im going to enter my working life very very soon. i dont think im even prepared for this major transition in life. maybe because i dont even know what i want to achieve in my own life. HMMMM.

last night i did something bold. i am selfish and i said what had been within me for a pretty long time. i regretted the very moment i hit the send button. i should have just shut up and went to bed.

“huh, but isnt that like damn possessive??” marilyn can be so right at times despite being so crazy with me most of the times.

me & my big mouth & my fat finger.