“To me, you are a bus. Gloria is an aeroplane.

A bus is good.

But it can never take its passengers to Europe, the USA, or other parts of the world. As a mom, I hope my son will look afar.”

im awake at 3am because im so addicted to the hongkong drama serial i rented this afternoon. wars-of-in-laws II.

(i know its damn aunty/ahma to do this but i really like their serials. i dislike taiwan serials.)

omg its even nicer than the first series. i think everyone should watch it if they have time. its so FUNNY & touching at the same time. i had to switch between crying & laughing mode more than twice within 4 episodes.

(just watch the first 30 seconds, hahahahha)

-attempts to kneel down while offering tea-

“You don’t need to kneel. I’m quite Westernized. I’m open minded. Just make it simple and casual.”


*ophelia is the mom’s name.