i woke up at jacky’s place this morning to find out that he had already left for camp at 7am and his mum bought macbreakfast for me. i had 2 chicken pies from polar in my bag which were initially meant to be for his breakfast but i forgot to pass them to him. they ended up as my lunch instead.

decided to head to raffles place to collect my long-awaited urban outfitter’s dresses but i forgot that the shop only opens on weekdays! how dumb ): so i walked from raffles place to chinatown to collect the HK air tickets. i felt like a tourist today (:

im secretly happy to learn that both our parents spent their respective honeymoons in hongkong too. ooh, this feels like honeymoon hahah.

since i was so free, i went to tantockseng hospital’s starbucks, had my greentea frappe & planted my ass there and read my novel for about an hour or so. it felt great simply to sit in such an unfamiliar place but yet, so emotionally-familiar and close to me at the same time. that was where we had the last one-to-one encounter in 2004. we met up to study amaths for our prelims. oh wow. anyway its a nice place & i think i will do it more often when im alone with time to spare.

went to get the famous tausarpiahs for my parents after that. the queue was super long & i waited for 45minutes for my turn.

check out the longgggggg queue. well, i know its an auntie thing to do (buying tausarpiahs) and the wait was kind of crazy but they are my parents’ favourite (: both of them looked so happy when i popped by at the shop with the box of pastries!

because i walked from one place to another today, i currently have 2 blisters on my soles ): they hurt when i walk now. ):

i felt a little out of my mind today and i baked 老婆餅 this evening.

im really quite mad.