accompanied jacky at kfc for lunch today. im feeling better (: thanks for making the effort.

met up with claire&michelle at sihui’s place in the evening for dinner & mahjong.

we were playing around with the smile shutter function on my camera.

no matter how hard sihui smiled, even to the extent that her face started cramping, the camera just refuses to detect her smile. however, it worked perfectly fine for claire & i!

smiles detected. we are both 20!

engineer. scientist. executive.

whatever happened to anti-shake?!

i think i have a lazy eye!


claire is so fair, i almost look like im brown next to her.

curry & french loaf.

this photo proves that claire can only hold 3 tiles per hand. the 4th one is on the verge of falling off already.



lane crawford’s bestest workers ever employed :D hahaha.

math whizzz.

:O !!!!!!

i refuse to attend my cousin’s wedding dinner on saturday because this is his second marriage. he divorced his first wife who bore him a chubby cute shotgun daughter because he fell for this other woman who he is marrying now. jerkkkkkkk. i hate men like him. WOMEN ARE NOT DISPOSABLE PLAY THINGS.

all jerks should die.