23rd may midnight-

games at karen’s place. then i went to marina for midnight movie with jacky. what happens in vegas!

24th may

i kind of forgot what we did/ where we went. but we had late dinner at shokudo and i love their pasta. i had some funny spinach salmon pasta w basil sauce. acquired tase; i love it.

jacky had their pizza. it looks not bad but it was kind of too big.

and then i left for malaysia on the 26th may (: we met up with some of the rovers people in the afternoon first to buy food for the trek and had lunch together.

claire and i were given the important task of bringing the eggs wrapped in newspaper and packed into mess tins up to the mountains. it was pretty scary because 1. i had NINE eggs squeezed into one set of mess tins. 2. if one breaks, the others will be likely to break too. 3. if ANY breaks, im going to have egg-y liquid all over my bag. so, i double plasticbag-wrapped the messtins again haha. food rations included pasta, instant noodles, bread, nutella, peanut butter, canned tuna, canned curry, baked beans, canned braised peanuts, energy bars, pasta sauce, campbell soup, eggs, cheese, canned cocktail sausages, nata de coco, guilingao, canned lychee & longan and canned mushrooms. i remembered all these because i was one of the main cooks together with kellie for the trip (:

after we finally crossed the borders, it was already dinnertime and we had our fill at the johor shopping mall – city square. the last time we went berkelah, we had kenny rogers. this time round, we had secret recipe. hahah we tend to feast before we even start trekking.

kellie, me & claire. kellie was wearing a cookie monster tee because her boyfriend was wearing an elmo tee. lovebirddddds lol.

i forgot why we wanted to look sad for the camera.

thats david in white specs who sounded SO MUCH like cheeyao when he speaks. and the other guy is xiyang, kellie’s bf.

i love my green apple kasturi.

good pasta, good dinner.

mine. i love fish. FISH!

the train ride from johor to dabong took 11 hours and all of us had the upper deck beds.

im such a lightbulb hoho.

claire my neighbour.

john misses june haha.

anyway the train ride was so cold i woke up with frozen toes.

dabong! yay we’ve rched. it was about 6.30am. we had breakfast at the train station.

standard: one packet of nasi lemak & a cup of milk tea / milo / tea. the drinks were self-service and i was carrying two cups of drinks when i walked right into an overhead metal lock and i spilled a cup of milk tea. my head developed a new bump immediately – and we have not even started trekking!

top: waihan, clara & seng.

bottom: xiaoting, adeline, claire, me & kellie.

zhanwei, guoping & yuting.

minivan ride. we were on the way to caving!

sandals were never so in.

judging from our happy faces, we had totally no idea what was in store for us.

more happy faces.

and more.

in the cave. we went to 3 different caves- namely the dark cave, the knife cave and i forgot the name of the other one. we were unable to get deeper into the dark cave because the water level was too high and it blocked off our path unless we wanted to ‘dive’ into the water and through the opening UNDERWATER. of course, we weren’t prepared for such stunts. claire got a leech bite here.

caves are amazing natural beauties.

i want to be XIAN.

i want to be XIAN too.

look at that!

” you two are so brightly coloured in the cave. ” haha.

we sat whenever we had a chance to.

by the end of caving, claire & i had battered legs. and it was just a prelude to what was coming.

waiting for our lunch to come

i dig this chinchow drink.

we waited for more than an hour for the food to come and i got bored so i started to play with the eggs on the table.

after lunch, it was the start of our 3hour plus trek up to the basecamp!

our first checkpoint / photoshoot point.

cannot miss out!



so high.

the trek up to the basecamp was super tiring.

so there was a need to cheer when we finally got to our destination!

we bathed in the waterfall and the water was ICECOLD. i miss waterheaters.

time to get down to work! dinnertime!

the hungry diners.

the hungry monsters.

kellie & i worked wonders with canned food and mess tins haha.

the morning mist was fantastic.

ready for summit climb!

clara the first aiderrrrr.

the morning mist was an excuse to take more pictures.

the reds and clara who insists that she must be in every picture haha.

the MIST. oh gosh.

okay nevermind.

we climbed for about 4hours and had to turn back because the air was getting thinner & the temperature was dropping and kellie had asthma so she wasnt feeling okay. so we didnt get to the summit ):

rest point on the climb back down to basecamp.

yuting. the guys call her SHE because she resembles selina. LOL.

climb climb climb.

we came across a GIANT centipede and i was immediately reminded of mahjong. oh no.

view from our basecamp!

claire & yuanbin. he was very nice because he exchanged bags with claire as his bag was lighter than hers.

the night campfire. john was roasting his wet socks. GOSH. somebody thought it was giant marshmallow.

i was kind of running low on energy by then. anyway this is lisheng who looks like anpan-man. (:

the next day was waterfall repelling. claire and i sat out of this and offered to look after their belongings instead. i mean, look at that! abseil down THAT with nothing else but a ROPE? no, sorry i dont want to die in malaysia.

apparently, it was fun. its okay we had fun watching.

trek BACKKKKKK. yayyyyy i cant wait to go back to singapore.

we smelled like crap and everybody bathed except for claire & i because we refused to use their toilets. so we dettol-wiped and powdered ourselves and tahan-ed until we got back to singapore.

the train was delayed and we reached singapore later than expected! jacky waited for me at the checkpoint for two hours, i was super guilty :S and he even bought me fish beehoon because i was complaining to him that i was craving for it up in the mountains. sweeeeeeeeet (:

and last night, we went tongshui for supper and greentea mcflurry from macs with claire & geraldine (: (: