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work = YOUNG PEOPLE today. joaquin shah shawn kevin toh me and jenny (: (: (: LOVE WORK TODAY.

“you must scream / yell / show face colour to warn him. if my boyfriend doesnt message me everyday i will kill him.” this was what jenny told me during work today. haha but i dont think i will ever bear to / have the guts to do as she said. she made a collage-cum-puzzle for her boyfriend too & it reminded me of the one i got for jacky last year.

jovan calls onpedder every two hours or so to talk to joaquin and shah was complaining. he was feeling upset because he had been in a cold war with his partner for the past 3 days. during evening time i caught him looking really dejected in the storeroom and he told me they broke up ): sigh.

i guess when it comes to relationships, theres no such thing as being envious of any other couple. but today there was a reaaaaaaaaaaaally sweet guy who came in with his gf and he dragged me to a corner and handed me his credit card when the gf wasnt looking. he told me to charge whatever the gf wants to buy later to his card. (: OMGGGGG.

offday until saturday!


cause time has got a way of taking back
everything you i thought you
i had


used to be really fun because i totally enjoy bitching with joaquin&shah. but the appearance of a new manager who is a kill-joy spoils everything. anyway everybody hates him and we are having a silent protest against him by refusing to help him do ANYTHING unless he asks. ive been really rude to him for the past few days and i think he hates me now too. im contemplating whether to continue working for them in july or to get an admin job (which is sadly, lower-paying) for the one last holiday month.


met up with the girls last night to take the train home together. they went for karaoke together in the evening! ive haven really had the time to hang out with them for this entire holiday ): so it felt good to see their faces and talk.

today bryan & vanessa bay/beh/bey strolled into onpedder with their hands on each other’s waists. they are SO LOVING i think their future kid will be a toffee. i had this conversation with them:

me: “so, i guess this means that you two are on a date now?”

nessa: “nah we are just hanging out like friends!”

me: “i dont hang out with my guy friends and hold their waists, you know.”

bryan: “okay, we are just hanging on to each other!”

after which they proceed to smile at each otherrrrrrrr. i chased them out of onpedder before they drown me in their sea of love or poison me with their sweetness. i am positive that i could see heartshapes floating around the two lovebirds.


after yet another bucket of tears and box of tissues, the storm seems to be over. the relationship nearly ended because of several reasons. i havent seen him since last week and i had work so he came by to accompany me for lunch today. it did feel better just by seeing his face and having him walking next to me and holding my hand, even if its just for that few minutes. but im afraid, i dont know when will the next storm come again. the only thing shielding us from the storm is love, but will it be strong enough to withstand these recurring storms?


my mum is really nice. she didnt say anything when i told her about bangkok with byy last night. i love my mum.

i am so so so so so so so so so so so so tempted to get myself a CHLOE bag which costs $2450 BUT there is a huge staff discount on it. i know it is CRAZY but………… its so pretty its love at first sight ):



i reported for work at 1pm simply because georgena is really nice to me (: sales was bad today and i even had the chance to stroll to paragon to send some stuffs for repair and back. joaquin christina & syah were all not working today so i kept chatting with jenny the new parttimer instead.

shawn had insider news for zara’s sale which starts tomorrow so 5 of us went to zara to reserve what we want but it ended up that the long navy cardigan i was eyeing aint going on sale! ): ): well, i managed to get myself a pair of shorts/suspenders from mango during my breaktime though. SALE SALE SALE.

and just 15 minutes ago, byy & i finalised our plans and placed a reservation for our tickets. WE ARE GOING TO BANGKOK. yes, just the two of us. neither of us told our parents and we are paying for the entire trip from our own pockets. if nothing goes wrong, we will be on our way to bangkok come end july. SAWADEEKA :D

we are crazy/bold/independent/ridiculous/unpredictable. PICK ONE. cant wait to get away. both byy & i need a BREAK.

the stray cat i fed this morning:

actually, i look forward to work tomorrow (:

will you ever regret over the people you didnt get to meet & have you ever thought about the people you will probably meet in the future?? will i still catch your eye?

i took it off today & it was pretty depressing.

perspectives. its all about how you want to look at it. its 7.48am im going to catch an hour’s of sleep before heading to work. i spent the entire night playing online sudoku & online shopping (i bought 2dresses & a ring) & eating durians & feeding a stray cat.


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i baked a chocolate-butter swirl cake today (:

my swirls aint exactly the prettiest swirls but i loved the taste of this cake. will be making this again soon, i promise.

i drizzled it with chocolate glaze. im talking about true indulgence.

decided to share some of the cake with my colleagues since my family wont be able to finish it so i made a trip to onpedder even though it was my offday. met kokloong at the train station & we went town together. we were stopped by a stranger on the streets hohoho.

had soup spoon for dinner.

shopped around a little bit: tried on some dresses at fareast; wandered around DFS; bought more baking stuffs from isetan supermarket & went to my current-fave miss selfridge & kl bought a pair of lacoste shoes. its red & white & its really classic because i chose it. we realised this is the FOURTH time we buy shoes in each other’s presence and it has ALWAYS been impulsive buys – my nike running shoe, nike sneakers & prom heels.


on the other hand, boyfriend is back in camp and busy again. he has TWO MONTHS of training & 32KM & 42KM ROADMARCHES ): ): today was his first day and he sounded so tired & busy over the smses. i feel so useless i cant do anything to make him feel better. wanted to shop for a new tee for him but i found nothing ):

im a lousy girlfriend. sigh.

ive made nutella-self-frosted oreo cupcakes & oreo cheesecake for my colleagues for two days in a row since everyone remembered me for my baked snacks and has been urging me to ever since i started work.

“its delicious!”
“can i order cakes from you?”
“why not you bake for us and we pay you for the cakes?”
“put down that cake! I want to bring some home for my kids.”
“can i take away one for my boyfriend?”
“lets bake together!”
“your boyfriend is damn lucky.”
“omg you can massage & bake. doesnt that make you very eligible?”
“whoever marries you is extremely hao ming.”
“dont throw the takeaway food containers away.  leave them here so i can use them to dabao cakes when yuanru bakes.”
“bake anything with nuts & cinnamon. joaquin doesnt eat them which means i get to eat more!”
“is it halal? oh heck, i cant resist.”

of course im flattered by all their comments & reactions. but they dont really know why i bake, do they? ever seen me bake excessively when im in a good mood? not really.

&, sadly, my boyfriend doesnt really have a sweet tooth.