random shot from 25th may.

we went to east coast park to skate in the evening today with jasley.

polaroids are addictive. i love how we are taking at least one polaroid everytime we meet now.

and, im sorry but i was from innova junior college. umm.

yes, innova. oh well :/

im going to start working on the 4th of june. i have three more days. i will pack my stuffs/room tomorrow. its good to have a goal in mind. jacky just informed me that there is the possibility of him being kept in camp for the entire of june. if thats the case, i think i can work my heart out everyday and take zero offdays = alicia & georgena will love me for being hardworking + extra cash. if i have extra cash i will buy either an icecream maker or the mini asus laptop. im trying to find for a red oven too.