my first but not-so-first day at work at pedder red ended at 12 midnight because we had to do up the new display for the upcoming sale after the shop closes ): oh well, i took a cab home after work with jialian & nicole. cabs are godsend.

anyway i know im a crybaby. i nearly cried at work today. ): ): oh well im pretty damn lousy.

i was feeling kind of annoyed with work already and was starting to lose my cool over smses with jacky. then he called me and asked me to look out of pedder red and up at the 2nd level when i was doing my ‘overtime’ and he waved to me from there. he actually travelled all the way here from his bedok camp during his nightsout and initially planned to spend at least an hour or so with me before heading back at 12am. thank you love, im sorry i was so tied up with work + last minute overtime + for throwing my temper at you ): i am absolutely guilty. and we ended up not even meeting at all ): my boyfriend is the bestest ever & sweetest in the most unexpected ways. i love you, boyfriend! :D

this photo was taken AT THE BEGINNING OF THE DAY. the smile slowly disappeared after 10pm.

the new window display looks yummy.

alright i have to wake up at 6 / 7 am tomorrow because work starts at 9. its 1.45am now. GOODNIGHT.