okay i take back my words. im so glad to be back at onpedder rather than being stationed at pedder red (:

reasons being:

1. ALLTIME nice people like georgena syah yahya joaquin & christina.

2. music = juno ost.

3. shorter travelling time from home.

4. i was given a set of uniform which was meant to be worn by only full-timers! :D

5. customers are much more civilized people.

6. i get to be surrounded by all the big brands.

it feels really good to be working with familiar people all over again (: they asked me questions like hows school so far, hows the rest of us (claire,juliana etc.) & hows jacky! hahaha.

well, although the uniform looks kind of ugly, it makes me feel much better as in i actually feel like im part of the company you see. or else im the only female in the store in black pants & shirt while every other female wears shirtdresses & leggings & heels. (yes thats the uniform)

today was a busy day as its the vip presale day one. all miumiu shoes 45% off please! it sounds like such a big sale but cutting the price from $800 to $400odd doesnt really help since i still cant afford them. there was this lady who tried on this pair of gorgeous miumiu heels and when she asked me for the discounted price and i replied her $396, her friend and her exclaimed “BUY!” in unison without hesitation. :S

remember this picture that i posted in my april entry:

onpedder carries the heart slippers!!! its from YSL and costs $320 :S

there was a guy who came in with two other guy friends and went straight to the christian louboutin section. he was finding for a pair of shoes for his girlfriend and it “has to be versatile and nice for the first pair of shoes he is going to give her” SWEEEEEEEET. he settled on a pair of black patent heels for her. the bill was $1120. FOR A PAIR OF SHOES.

ANYWAY, jacky’s mum & sisters popped by onpedder & said hello to me and to look around today! (: his mum was telling me that she walked past the other day but didnt see me inside ( i was at pedder red vivo then ). haha yes im secretly happy of course. :D

have you watched sex&the city???? this was the pair of shoes samantha had on when she lied naked on the dining table with sushi all over her body. from giuseppe! i think designers assume that they can get away from anything as long as they are part of high-fashion. i mean, FISHBONE-DIAMOND-STUDDED HEELS??! coughsidontthinksocoughs.

this catty / wolverine-ish gloves from rodarte cost well over $1k!

and i shouldnt have reminded yitong, he keeps asking me to open my mouth again because he insisted that i looked like the girl he saw singing in hardrock cafe at jakarta. :/

wendy asked me to pin up my fringe today. TIME FOR A HAIRCUT!!