if you ever see me walking around town in this, please note that this is the onpedder’s uniform and has got nothing to do with my wardrobe!

i think i either look like a witch or a flasher.

my heels are about 3inches high and i survived an entire day WORKING in them from 11am to 9pm. i even climbed the ladder/storeroom racks in them. my feet were dying by 7pm and i took off my heels whenever i had to go to the back to retrieve shoes and wear them back on again before going to the shopfront. and i have to wear the same heels everyday. i will be so welltrained in heels by the time i stop working at onpedder.

lets feature some shades today.

this shade is totally NOT practical because one side of it is studded with diamonds. it will be useful if my right eye has an infection / blueblack and i want to hide it. apparently its just an ‘accessory’ for the rich. rich indeed.

new branded lab goggles, anyone? $930 from martin margiela. my lab goggles cost $16.

want to look like cyclops?

this star bangle from YSL costs $1180 OMGG. this is really quite crazy.

sigh. erm, i lost my train of thoughts. alright then.