at 8.20am this morning, jacky’s msg woke me up & he told me he was already in the cab to my place when im still in my pyjamas! so he reached & we had breakfast with my family (: i called joaquin and i requested for 12pm lunchbreak which means i only need to report for work at 1pm = more time together with my boyfriend. i guess today started off as a pretty special day.

baby gave me a random gift (: i love random gifts. it plays the beauty&the beast theme melody (: actually we chanced upon this the last time we went shopping together and spent a long time turning the handles of different ones but after i finally decided that i wanted this one, the sales assistant told me that they had ran out of stock. loves!

work was quite torturous because there were lookers feelers & touchers but no buyers. and i got into trouble. actually i still am. apparently a customer came back & exchange a pair of shoes and i handled the exchange for her without double-checking the condition of the shoes & kevin suspects that the shoe has been worn. he started to yell at me inside the stockroom and he said he will let the supervisor deal with me tomorrow when she comes back. i was pretty upset about it and i cried ): joaquin syah & christina kept assuring me that its okay and to ignore kevin. im keeping my fingers crossed.

and i was climbing the ladder in my heels today when the heel grip came off. which means i have to go get a new pair of black heels again. ): by the end of the day, i was cursing that today was a horrible day at work.

this is the most expensive pair of shoes in onpedder: SGD2900. from Alaïa.

&, this is the most odd-looking shoe in the entire store. we are left with the LAST PAIR.

i met jl & her bf on the way home today. our frequencies click totally. how i wish she gets transferred over to onpedder!

and i baked egg tarts last night:

juliana just got back from australia with joshua & his family! sounds like she had fun (: and she helped me get the kahlua from the airport (: (: (:

come july, im going to miss karen tse!