i argued with stuart weitzman’s supervisor during morning meeting today. she picked on me when i was in the worst mood ever and i simply talked back. i wanted to just tell her i dont need people to tell me what to do and that i quit but decided that she just aint worth it. we call her CHAOTA FACE for a reason.

surprisingly my sales were exceptionally fantastic today. 75% of the people i served bought either a bag / a shoe. syah & joaquin kept saying that i am the lucky one today even though i formally declared today to be the SORROWFUL DAY. probably i had such a SORROWFUL expression that my customers felt sorry for me and decided to buy something from me. syah lost his MAGICAL PEN that helped him clinch numerous deals and he kept insisting MY SORROWFUL PEN is now the most powerful weapon. he convinced me to lend joaquin my SORROWFUL PEN to help her up her sales figure but instead, it created more sorrow for her as her customers gave her alot of false hopes. hence they concluded that the SORROWFUL PEN will only work with a SORROWFUL person like me today and thus, syah said he rather me be SORROWFUL everyday. thats not very hard.

i met alot of people today. first marilyn & her boyfriend kenneth popped over to visit me. bumped into allan during breaktime. then bryan’s lover-but-not-girlfriend-BUT-THEY-HELD-HANDS-ALREADY-partner vanessa bey/beh/bay bought cookies and brought them over to onpedder for me. & byy + shaoxian came by to say hi too. i also said hello to yawen’s friend, lawrence; my neighbour who is also working at ngee ann & nus rovers bike-to-bite groupmate lester/alfred (i forgot his name).

didnt join the girlfriends for steamboat & mahjong after work because i worked the entire day & i have work tomorrow too. sorry for flying plane.

im full of hatred for myself fullstop