ive made nutella-self-frosted oreo cupcakes & oreo cheesecake for my colleagues for two days in a row since everyone remembered me for my baked snacks and has been urging me to ever since i started work.

“its delicious!”
“can i order cakes from you?”
“why not you bake for us and we pay you for the cakes?”
“put down that cake! I want to bring some home for my kids.”
“can i take away one for my boyfriend?”
“lets bake together!”
“your boyfriend is damn lucky.”
“omg you can massage & bake. doesnt that make you very eligible?”
“whoever marries you is extremely hao ming.”
“dont throw the takeaway food containers away.  leave them here so i can use them to dabao cakes when yuanru bakes.”
“bake anything with nuts & cinnamon. joaquin doesnt eat them which means i get to eat more!”
“is it halal? oh heck, i cant resist.”

of course im flattered by all their comments & reactions. but they dont really know why i bake, do they? ever seen me bake excessively when im in a good mood? not really.

&, sadly, my boyfriend doesnt really have a sweet tooth.