i baked a chocolate-butter swirl cake today (:

my swirls aint exactly the prettiest swirls but i loved the taste of this cake. will be making this again soon, i promise.

i drizzled it with chocolate glaze. im talking about true indulgence.

decided to share some of the cake with my colleagues since my family wont be able to finish it so i made a trip to onpedder even though it was my offday. met kokloong at the train station & we went town together. we were stopped by a stranger on the streets hohoho.

had soup spoon for dinner.

shopped around a little bit: tried on some dresses at fareast; wandered around DFS; bought more baking stuffs from isetan supermarket & went to my current-fave miss selfridge & kl bought a pair of lacoste shoes. its red & white & its really classic because i chose it. we realised this is the FOURTH time we buy shoes in each other’s presence and it has ALWAYS been impulsive buys – my nike running shoe, nike sneakers & prom heels.


on the other hand, boyfriend is back in camp and busy again. he has TWO MONTHS of training & 32KM & 42KM ROADMARCHES ): ): today was his first day and he sounded so tired & busy over the smses. i feel so useless i cant do anything to make him feel better. wanted to shop for a new tee for him but i found nothing ):

im a lousy girlfriend. sigh.