used to be really fun because i totally enjoy bitching with joaquin&shah. but the appearance of a new manager who is a kill-joy spoils everything. anyway everybody hates him and we are having a silent protest against him by refusing to help him do ANYTHING unless he asks. ive been really rude to him for the past few days and i think he hates me now too. im contemplating whether to continue working for them in july or to get an admin job (which is sadly, lower-paying) for the one last holiday month.


met up with the girls last night to take the train home together. they went for karaoke together in the evening! ive haven really had the time to hang out with them for this entire holiday ): so it felt good to see their faces and talk.

today bryan & vanessa bay/beh/bey strolled into onpedder with their hands on each other’s waists. they are SO LOVING i think their future kid will be a toffee. i had this conversation with them:

me: “so, i guess this means that you two are on a date now?”

nessa: “nah we are just hanging out like friends!”

me: “i dont hang out with my guy friends and hold their waists, you know.”

bryan: “okay, we are just hanging on to each other!”

after which they proceed to smile at each otherrrrrrrr. i chased them out of onpedder before they drown me in their sea of love or poison me with their sweetness. i am positive that i could see heartshapes floating around the two lovebirds.


after yet another bucket of tears and box of tissues, the storm seems to be over. the relationship nearly ended because of several reasons. i havent seen him since last week and i had work so he came by to accompany me for lunch today. it did feel better just by seeing his face and having him walking next to me and holding my hand, even if its just for that few minutes. but im afraid, i dont know when will the next storm come again. the only thing shielding us from the storm is love, but will it be strong enough to withstand these recurring storms?


my mum is really nice. she didnt say anything when i told her about bangkok with byy last night. i love my mum.

i am so so so so so so so so so so so so tempted to get myself a CHLOE bag which costs $2450 BUT there is a huge staff discount on it. i know it is CRAZY but………… its so pretty its love at first sight ):