my friday plans with marilyn changed from sentosa to cycling at ecp to shopping to eating lunch only and finally settled on a visit to the museum.

this was at the entrance and its bigger than the biggest one i saw on my trip to italy.

aww. take that carrie bradshaw, my mr big is bigger than your mr big.

wedding bliss. i sneaked-shot this.

marilyn & i.

there were people around but we insisted on using selftimer.

and so there were multiple shots.

i love gramophones.

marilyn monroe! audrey hepburn (:

tutukueh vendor-bike. i dont mind selling tutukuehs in this lime green bike if im free.

oh sigh. pretty inset sofa anyway.

i look damn lost.


i love the lighting & curtains.

the night is still young.


the companion device that guided us through the singapore history gallery.

really cute tvs.

did i tell you im extremely patriotic?

love huge windows.

we took so many photos.

“hello welcome to my house”




now you guys have to believe me when i say im actually a deity.

i love black sesame icecream.

i love black sesame icecream x 2. (OMG MY DARKRINGS)

must have it. (:

night; yawen birthday surprise. rick bought her a wii and claire heard RING. so she asked if it was BRILLIANT ROSE. :D :D :D

happy birthday!

im sorry. i didnt mean it. sigh ):