i only worked half a day on saturday and left work early due to nausea & cramps ): slept the evening away and eventually spent the night at jacky’s. i really missed him.

sunday we went sushi tei for dinner with all the girls & joshua for a post-yawen&juliana-birthday celebration.

not a big fan of sushitei. the queue was long.

the cake had two real proper candles, one flame-sparkle thing that karen brought & four mini self-relighting candles. it was funny seeing both of them trying to blow out the candles. they eventually dunked them into soysauce.

although these two photos were taken about half an hour apart and at two very different places, i realised we all remained in the same positions.

the obedient disciple.

the fierce teacher.

digs sihui’s spongebob necklace.

his lunch at burgerking.