tuesday late night movie ; wanted, with baby. great movie with lousy ending ): was never a big fan of angelina jolie but i think i am now.

he blindfolded me and surprised me by helping me put on the pair of pedder red heels ive been lusting after. apparently he got claire’s number from me & asked for yawen’s number from claire & asked yawen about the shoe & went down to vivo to get it after he booked out (: (: (: i had ZERO idea and didnt see it coming at all!


my sleepover pyjamas-shorts aka banana republic’s boxers :D i always wear this when i stay for the night. monkeys have never been cuter.

the polaroid album.

the morning unglam factor : 10/10. (the puzzle on the wall! :D )

excuse me while i melt into a puddle.

the levi’s i got for him.

helping him fold his sleeves.

have not felt so happy in a long time (: