jayce told me that i needed to widen my vocabulary today because he overheard me calling syah DISGUSTING for more than 3 times. i jumped at the chance to shoot him back when he told the customer that the shoe is ‘wobbly’ so she has to walk GRACEFULLY. i stopped him and told him that GRACEFULLY is a wrong word to use and i would be offended if im the customer. you mean im not graceful enough?!

anyway work was satisfying today because i got praised by quite a few customers (: the look on jayce’s face when he heard them felt better than striking lottery. i went on a talking-fast starting from 5pm. i immersed myself in tagging sale prices on the shoes & shut everyone out. i didnt feel like talking because i was tired.

dropped by karen’s place after work to pass her a card since she’s leaving for hongkong VERY SOON (in a few hours!) and i dont know when she will be back ): will miss her. i walked home from her place and it took me half an hour to get home. feeling kind of !@#$%^&*( so i went for a run in my no.3 hockey jersey top & this cyclist was cheering for NUMBER 3 when i ran past him (:

THEN THE SCARIEST THING HAPPENED! okay because im feeling tired, i think im seeing things. throughout the day, i swear i saw 3 dark figures/ shadows / white blur. i entered the lift after the run at about 10.30pm and before i could press anything, the lift door closed at an extraordinarily FAST speed & suddenly STOPPED when its about 3/4 closed. i was so freaked because i was ALONE & i didnt have my phone with me & the lift door wouldnt open even though i kept hitting the DOOR OPEN button! i was so panicky i nearly wanted to cry i thought the lift was HAUNTED. i squeezed my way through the 1/4 door opening and came home crying. i think i need more sleep.

saturday; i slept the entire day away & played mahjong at night.

sunday was kellie’s 21st birthday and i went for her party at the chalet.

this was the closest to LOVE that we managed to get. ):

look at the mess we created with all the party poppers. the cake was covered with all these colourful paper/glitter that they had to slice off the top layer of the cake so nobody will get poisoned. the 3kg cake from chocobloc costs $115. i think we wasted $30.

i bought cute polaroid films the other day too.

thomas asked me about kinder surprises the other day & true enough, i just realised that its near impossible to find them in singapore now. i googled it and found out that the singapore suppliers have STOPPED bringing them in! i was still joking that maybe some kid choked on the TOY CAPSULE and singapore banned it to him. omg omg is that the end of kinder surprises in my life? i had a bad habit of splitting the egg into half & using one half as a cup for my coke and sandwich a frenchfry between the other half. that was how i ate my kindersurprise chocolate eggs when i was a kid.

i thought i had alot more things to say in this post but apparently not.