after working at onpedder, i was pretty inspired by jennifer behr’s headbands and i found myself getting caught up with the elastic headband wave. was trying to find for some nice ones elsewhere because i refuse to pay $250 for a headband in onpedder. i found a normal patent one from evita peroni the other day but im so glad i didnt buy it on the spot. i found nicer ones in vivo!

has got to love the leather one. stretchy bands (: and that was how i spent my a portion of my pay away.

i was suddenly reminded of an old primary school chinese composition exercise. the topic was “yi jian rang wo hou hui de shi” i wrote about arriving late at my mum’s deathbed and how all she had on her mind during the last few moments was about me. the girl sitting next to me was really bad at chinese and she didnt understand what houhui meant so i explained to her. after a while i asked her if she’s okay with her composition and she told me she was writing about her leaving a phonecard behind at the public phone booth and lost it, hence she felt regretful. i was skeptical about her storyline but i shut up and let her complete the story anyway. it turned out that she developed the story such that the phonecard was a last gift from a friend who passed away and carried great significance. we both scored well for that essay. its strange that as 11 or 12 year olds, we could identify, define and portray ‘REGRET’ in words and scenarios.


people always regret their actions only after they have lost something/someone dear to them. have you ever regret over something you did?