a few years back, i didnt like subway the first time i ate it because i made a mess of everything. i had olives & pickles in my sandwich and i absolutely hated those + my tomatoes dropped all over my skirt. i told everyone that i will never ever eat subway again even though i love bread. somehow due to persuasion & maybe desperation, i had subway for the second time and surprisingly, i enjoyed it. i loved it so much so that i would drag my friends to town just to have subway. we sat around together to come up with a proposal to get a subway van into our school but we were too lazy to go about doing it. even when i was poor to the pits, vanessa and i would SHARE a 6inch which is an extremely sad-case scenario for two 17year olds back then. i gave subway a second chance and im glad i did because i adore it now.

i avoided papaya since i was a kid because i thought it tasted like puke. but i was force-fed papaya when i was 18 and miraculously, the papaya tasted sweet and no longer puke-like. i got into such a big papaya craze that my palms and soles turned very orange due to the colouration. i still eat papaya at least twice a week currently.

i fell sick after eating fish&chips at fish&co. once and i threw up numerous times throughout the night. it was such a terrible experience that i refuse to eat fish&chips there anymore. there will not be a second chance for it to redeem itself because it left such an unforgettable stain in my food-history.

there are some things that deserve no second chances because they gave me terrifying flashbacks. but there are just some things that do because who knows, they might just turn out to be what i will appreciate for the rest of my life.