bubbles & byy’s new house.

bubbles & swing & friend.

steps to nowhere.

i suggested to byy to breed tiny fishes here so that we can enjoy homestyle fish spa for our feet.

i was spying on the neighbour’s dog when it suddenly ran over & barked fiercely. i screamt & hid behind byy and looked dumb.

the mine-train track at the doorstep!

byy’s younger sister, elin’s spice garden which is not quite done up yet.

chess game.

mr im-talented-in-piano.

her bunny. it has grown so big since the last i saw it!

the room under the staircase = harry potter’s room.


partner-in-crime most of the time!

my best friend drives a jaguar (with a freaking P-PLATEEEEEE)

byy found this relay system thing our teacher came up with in jc. the first two rows of the list are just WRONG. what on earth was miss tay thinking when she put audrey & byy in the same group and why am i msging bohong!? the list is just wrong.

is the wearing of a ring on the fourth finger slowly losing its significance? elin & all her friends who were over today bear a ring each on that particular finger and they are either 17 or 18. oh well.

& i dislike rainy days. rain spoils plans & makes everything inconvenient for everybody ): i hate walking around on rainy days for fear of slipping & falling. now i sound like an old woman. i left a total of 3 umbrellas at onpedder because i am always too lazy to bring them back but tomorrow is my last day which means i have to carry 3 umbrellas home tomorrow night. i dont want to look stupid so i hope it rains tomorrow night even though i hate rain.