back from bangkok getaway! i bought so many things i had to sit on my suitcase to close it completely (no kidding!) bangkok is a budget shopping paradise i tell you. (: but contrary to what people say, byy & i found that MBK has nothing and we didnt enjoy shopping there at all. MBK is the place to go if you are finding for cheap imitation goods of high-end products but we hated those so we ended up leaving MBK within half an hour of reaching that place without buying anything. it didnt make sense for us to travel a few thousand kilometres away from home just to shop in places like topshop/miss sixty/levi’s or any of those major brand-names that we can find in singapore at about the same prices so siam paragon & discovery & central were kind of striked out too. we didnt want to spend a bomb on thai designer wear either because 1. we rather spend those on brands we are familiar with & 2. GAS doesnt sound like a good brand name, lol. our favourite has got to be chatuchak weekend market & platinum mall. everything there is SO cheap & i keep seeing clothes i usually see on online blogshops at probably 25% of the prices. byy & i saw so many money-making opportunities while we were there. we were so tempted to set up an online blogshop but judging by our laziness & procrastination, it probably will never happen :D

terminal 1 toilet before boarding the plane. we checked in too early and had alot of free time to loiter around & we fully made use of the free local calls provided in the transit lounge (:

missing inflight entertainment! ):

we ended up reading two editions of cosmopolitan to last us through the flight.

life is ): when theres THREE SIA planes parked next to us.

i love window seats (:

our hotel room 310! the hotel is relatively clean and comfortable and best of all, its crazily cheap (: the hotel receptionist is EXTREMELY pretty & we wanted to take a picture with her but forgot to when we checked out. both of us had no small change and we gave the bellboy an enormous tip which we regret up till now. we were so dumbbb.

our dinner at 10pm at a nearby local eating place.

padthai & tom yum kway teow. this is the best tomyum ever. (even though it looks like laksa)

green curry; byy’s favourite. you will get what i mean when i say tt its her favourite as the entry progresses.

after dinner we went shopping around the night market nearby & were in awe for the first time ever by the cheap prices.

sunday morning (: we woke up WAYYYYYYY too early for chatuchak (online information is not 100% reliable) and we took a tuktuk around bangkok. the uncle insisted on taking this shot for us.

some big temple & temple’s dog & me.

100% tourist-y.

some other big buddha statue. we released caged up birds for good luck. CHECK OUT THIS SHOT!!! you can see the bird taking off, im such a good photographer HAHA.

i zoomed in this for all to see.

my turn (:

” in the buddha if you give freedom the bird you have lucky and happiness in #$%^&*($#@ for you “ thats the most that i can make out from the sign. so i guess im supposed to have luck and happiness now.

tuktuk is a cheap thrill which is also a good way of getting your pores all clogged up with dust & dirt.

chatuchak weekend market!! this place is equivalent to singapore’s bugis market x 10. initially byy and i were groaning because we are not the bugis-people but this turned out to be really good with fantastic prices :D “buy more, discount?” we have mastered this phrase in thai accent. we took the tuktuk back to our hotel again by noon to change into a new set of clothes because we were so sticky & to put our buys down.

dunkin’ donuts near our hotel.

spent the afternoon at platinum mall. WHOLESALE PRICES ROCK. i stopped at nearly every two shops and there wasnt enough time to finish shopping because the shops start to close at 7pm.

a&w!! i didnt have a hard time ordering because i simply pointed to the pictures. this reminded me of the time in italy when i tried to order buffalo wings in burger king. there was no placemat-menus at the counter and i couldnt make out the words on the overhead menu plus the buffalo wings picture was at the farrrrr end. i ended up flapping my arms like a chicken OMGGG.

a&w waffles (:

we went silom night market & patpong that night. the street is known for their adult entertainment & nightlife. however byy & i were lousy and were absolutely turned off by the numerous pubs flanking the sides of the night bazaar. they had their doors open and there will be a group of bikini ladies standing around poles on the stage doing suggestive moves. we were stopped by alot of touters trying to get us to go for the thai girl shows but we remained firm and said NO. i also witnessed how prostitution works over there. there was a guy who stood by the roadside and held a leaflet full of pictures of sexy women and stops men who walked by. I WAS APPROACHED BY A MAN WHO ASKED ME IF I WANT TO WATCH THAI BOY SHOW. YUCKS. he shoved a picture of topless men in thongs in my face and asked if im interested. how come nobody asked byy! do i look so SE compared to her??? ):

after an entire day of walking, foot massage felt like heaven.

we ordered room service for the fun of it and decided to have a very ‘boys night in’ sort of thing. cashew nuts & beer. I HATE BEER. this was the first time i ever drank beer because i dont club & have never drank before. i took a few sips and decided that i hated it so i didnt touch it at all. waste $.

day 3. it was more shopping. we went to grand hyatt hotel for expensive thai food for lunch.

nara thai restaurant.

very good thai iced tea.

soft shell crab.

pomelo salad

green curry. see what i mean.

yum woon sen. spicy glass noodle prawn salad.

we were all geared up for shopping but much to our disappointment, MBK & the Siam-s had nothing to rave about.

so we had crepes & walked to Platinum Mall again to continue shopping :D we went Chinatown at night in search of the yummy char kway teow byy’s dad recommended & the kaya toast her sis was talking about. we combed the entire street at least 3 rounds and gave up after nearly an hour of searching ): byy cracks me up. she went up to random thai people and asked if they know where to find KAYA TOAST. i dont think thai people understands whats KAYA. its like telling someone who never stepped out of europe where to find CHWEE KUEH. LOL. we started to change the question & asked for any place that sells bread. someone told us 7-ELEVEN )))))))))))): we ended up eating random roadside food and promised to come back the next day to find again.

check out my fishball which is in the shape of a star!

we went back to the massage parlour for full body thai massage this time round.

day 4. BTS (thai’s MRT) station: Chit Lom.

we did online research and took the BTS to Ekamai station where the Eastern Bus Terminal is and bought tickets for the bus to Pattaya. it was a 2hour bus ride and we slept the entire journey there because we slept at 4am the previous night as we were chitchatting. love gave me 2 morning calls at 5am & 6am (thai time) but i slept thru both!

if you look close enough, you can see that we were actually in the front seats of a lorry. this is called HUANG DI SEAT. we paid the same amount as those seated at the back but we had aircon and dont have to eat dust. :D this was the transport from the bus terminal to Jomtien Beach.

we picked Jomtien Beach over Pattaya Beach because its not as crowded and we are not fans of crowds.

our beach chairs. (and mat)

beach food. tanning is actually a relatively boring activity. you do nothing but sit there with suntan/sunblock lotion under the sun and wait for your skin colour to darken.

WE RENTED SCOOTERS FOR OURSELVES. yes, i know byy has a car license but neither of us possess a bike license. it was SUPER dangerous now that i think of it but it was an experience i’ll never get in singapore plus it was thrilling. the man who took this photo for us asked if i want a man, he can bring me around to find for thai boys. WHY ME! do i look like im hungry for thai men??! i have my boyfriend and i want jacky only please.

we scooted around pattaya and i loved the experience. i have not told jacky about it but i have a feeling he will surely scold me for doing something so dangerous in a foreign country :S

love my scooter. isnt it pretty?

look out for this restaurant & a small tent next to it. that was where we rented the bikes for only 150baht for a day. the guy who rented us the bikes was extremely nice and he even helped us top up the tank when our petrol was running low.

on the lorry back to bus terminal.

tanning didnt do anything for us. we didnt burn nor tan even after nearly 3 or 4 hours under the blazing sun!

the initial plan was to go for tiffany show for the experience. it is located in the sleazy areas and its unsafe for two girls to venture there so my onpedder colleague, shawn, offered to meet up with us to go for the show together since he just touched down at bangkok on the 29th with his friend. but byy & i were quite broke & we were not really keen on the show anymore. hence, we changed the plan to just meet for dinner instead. byy wanted to find her charkwayteow & shawn wanted shark’s fin so we headed back to chinatown for dinner!

byy & her 300baht shark’s fin.

me & my 500baht shark’s fin.

shawn & his 600baht shark’s fin.

we found the char kway teow stall that night!!! (: the distinctive trademark of the stallowner according to byy’s dad was that she is very fair and speaks teochew. i went up to her and asked her if she knew how to speak teochew haha. after she nodded her head byy launched into her motormouth mode and went on and on in mandarin to her about how her dad always frequent her stall when he goes bangkok. the auntie looked so stunned and i waited until byy was done & i asked if she understood MANDARIN. she nodded her head really slowly i think she was taken aback by us. shawn left after the char kway teow to meet his friend & we continued on our food hunt.

believe it or not, thailand has one of the best kaya toast!! :D its like yakun but thicker & has the distinctive charcoal bbq-ed taste! YUM.

its a roadside stall but it has a long queue! they provide small slips of paper and pens for customers to write their orders down and to pass to them. however, the menu is in THAI and i attempted to copy in thai but i think my handwriting was so bad, this lady next to us decided to help us write instead. :D

we went to the sky tower at the 83th level live band pub to enjoy the night view. i learnt my lesson and i ordered juice this time :D im really not into alcohol. byy had her margarita.

the last day!

extremely tired faces ): we went back to platinum mall again to do last minute shopping and had no time for our manicure/pedicure/spa ):

our taxi back to the airport was some sort of maxicab & its a toyota-INNOVA car :D

at the airport transit lounge, dear byy had her green curry AGAIN.

my yum-woon-sen (:

touched down at singapore at 12+am and unpacked my suitcase until 2am! im so glad my mum loved the shoes & tops i got for her. my dad got a polo & thankfully it fits. the dresses i got for my sis fit too and she adored them! (: i have good taste hahahah i really should consider setting up online store but i have a feeling i will keep all the exclusives for myself instead of selling them haha.

i want to go back to bangkok again with baby!! (: he can help me carry dresses :D :D :D i want to see his reaction when he gets approached for thai girl shows/services :D i can drive him around on scooter in pattaya!! but he has a weak stomach and cant take too much thai food ): AHH I MISS JACKY.