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the first thing syah told me this morning was that he spent his entire offday at home yesterday colouring. and he added that its a new book. omg.

i owe christina a meal now because i lost a bet to her. look at this couture jewellery by kenneth jay lane:

this necklace has been placed next to another necklace with a diamante seahorse all this while since they are of the same collection and i thought it was a jellyfish from afar. i mean, it makes perfect sense that it is a jellyfish, right? plus its in the same collection as a SEAHORSE = marine creatures. BUT christina insisted that it is NOT a jellyfish. i was SO CONFIDENT so we had a bet.

I LOSTTTTT. IT TURNS OUT TO BE A MONKEY FACE. pfffftt. i felt so cheated! but it looks like a jellyfish from the back doesnt it! and it is so much cuter as a jellyfish than an ugly monkey face with green eyes. ): its now officially known as the jelly-monkey necklace in the store.

stephanie sun is so well-liked by the store, she enjoys the HIGHEST percentage discount for customers and her docket shows : celebrity discount off XX%. :O

one day, i will open my mouth.


意地を張れば なおさら
隙間 広がるばかり

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jayce told me that i needed to widen my vocabulary today because he overheard me calling syah DISGUSTING for more than 3 times. i jumped at the chance to shoot him back when he told the customer that the shoe is ‘wobbly’ so she has to walk GRACEFULLY. i stopped him and told him that GRACEFULLY is a wrong word to use and i would be offended if im the customer. you mean im not graceful enough?!

anyway work was satisfying today because i got praised by quite a few customers (: the look on jayce’s face when he heard them felt better than striking lottery. i went on a talking-fast starting from 5pm. i immersed myself in tagging sale prices on the shoes & shut everyone out. i didnt feel like talking because i was tired.

dropped by karen’s place after work to pass her a card since she’s leaving for hongkong VERY SOON (in a few hours!) and i dont know when she will be back ): will miss her. i walked home from her place and it took me half an hour to get home. feeling kind of !@#$%^&*( so i went for a run in my no.3 hockey jersey top & this cyclist was cheering for NUMBER 3 when i ran past him (:

THEN THE SCARIEST THING HAPPENED! okay because im feeling tired, i think im seeing things. throughout the day, i swear i saw 3 dark figures/ shadows / white blur. i entered the lift after the run at about 10.30pm and before i could press anything, the lift door closed at an extraordinarily FAST speed & suddenly STOPPED when its about 3/4 closed. i was so freaked because i was ALONE & i didnt have my phone with me & the lift door wouldnt open even though i kept hitting the DOOR OPEN button! i was so panicky i nearly wanted to cry i thought the lift was HAUNTED. i squeezed my way through the 1/4 door opening and came home crying. i think i need more sleep.

saturday; i slept the entire day away & played mahjong at night.

sunday was kellie’s 21st birthday and i went for her party at the chalet.

this was the closest to LOVE that we managed to get. ):

look at the mess we created with all the party poppers. the cake was covered with all these colourful paper/glitter that they had to slice off the top layer of the cake so nobody will get poisoned. the 3kg cake from chocobloc costs $115. i think we wasted $30.

i bought cute polaroid films the other day too.

thomas asked me about kinder surprises the other day & true enough, i just realised that its near impossible to find them in singapore now. i googled it and found out that the singapore suppliers have STOPPED bringing them in! i was still joking that maybe some kid choked on the TOY CAPSULE and singapore banned it to him. omg omg is that the end of kinder surprises in my life? i had a bad habit of splitting the egg into half & using one half as a cup for my coke and sandwich a frenchfry between the other half. that was how i ate my kindersurprise chocolate eggs when i was a kid.

i thought i had alot more things to say in this post but apparently not.

If a picture paints a thousand words,
Then why can’t I paint you?
The words will never show the you I’ve come to know.
If a face could launch a thousand ships,
Then where am I to go?
There’s no one home but you,
You’re all that’s left me too.
And when my love for life is running dry,
You come and pour yourself on me.

If a man could be two places at one time,
I’d be with you.
Tomorrow and today, beside you all the way.
If the world should stop revolving spinning slowly down to die,
I’d spend the end with you.
And when the world was through,
Then one by one the stars would all go out,
Then you and I would simply fly away

Happy Fifteen Months together, Love.

today a customer was complaining to me and she suddenly stopped and stared at me & said :

“are your eyes…?”

“oh, im wearing contact lens.”

“oh really! what colour is that??”


“wooh, they look good on you. i really like you, sweetheart”

HAHA. this customer made my day today and shes the first customer since i started working a month ago to whom i gave my real name to (:

BUT THIS AFTERNOON I WAS FUMING MADDDDDDDD. of all the people in the entire singapore, i had to serve pw today. she was my primary school enemy & she bullied me in PRIMARY ONE simply because she was at least half a head taller than me. ): i hold grudges ugh. claire didnt like her too because she was soooooo annoying in a way. yucks. and today she came in & bought a miumiu wallet & paid by cash. i was COMPLAINING like mad inside the storeroom to everybody. lol.

i think someone broke my sister’s heart again because she’s in bed & refusing to go to work or do anything at all today. thats the common thing between us. we always let our emotions control our daily lives tsktsk.

yesterday i suggested to boyfriend that we go geylang for durians because i had a sudden craving but we didnt go and guess what! i came home & my parents were having durians at home (: (: (: but i am a picky eater & i only enjoy durians that are just taken out from the FRIDGE and are COLD so they actually packed some into a container and left it in the fridge to chill for me :D

i know im supposed to discuss with byy about the places to visit/things to do in bangkok but i haven seen/talked to her online for a long time. other than the chatuchak weekend market, patpong, siam paragon and MBK, where else can we go??? i know im going there to shop but i dont want my trip to be all about shopping only. i want to go for the tiffany show, pray to the 4face buddha, see some elephants / tigers / crocodiles , watch some muay thai matches or maybe go for cheap spa. i am the sort of tourist whom locals will enjoy cheating money from.

i want to go on a picnic before school starts!

omggg byy, im watching the channel8 show where the hosts went italy & they said one MUST EAT tiramisu when in italy. ): i dont remember us eating any tiramisu. i only remember countless pizzas, pasta, gelato & cafe lattes ): did we miss out?? the gondola ride brings back memoriesssss. the alley behind casanova’s house was damn smelly. oh yes and we threw the coin over our shoulders at the fountain = we will be back againnnn. i want to go back there with my loved one if i can simply because venice is such a romantic place (: but then again, there are so many other romantic places in the world. however anywhere is romantic as long as the right person is next to me. venice didnt feel romantic to me the previous time because i went there with BYY NAIDU & SHAOXIAN. lol.

i cant stand texting on my new handphone ): it makes me feel like i have humongous fingers/thumb. doesnt help that the phone doesnt come with a stylus.

jacky just told me that he has guard duty on saturday AND monday. i hate army. i only have half of sunday with him. it makes me want to question myself as to why i actually fought with him. we already have so little time with each other ):

this wordy post has no core topic at all.

tuesday late night movie ; wanted, with baby. great movie with lousy ending ): was never a big fan of angelina jolie but i think i am now.

he blindfolded me and surprised me by helping me put on the pair of pedder red heels ive been lusting after. apparently he got claire’s number from me & asked for yawen’s number from claire & asked yawen about the shoe & went down to vivo to get it after he booked out (: (: (: i had ZERO idea and didnt see it coming at all!


my sleepover pyjamas-shorts aka banana republic’s boxers :D i always wear this when i stay for the night. monkeys have never been cuter.

the polaroid album.

the morning unglam factor : 10/10. (the puzzle on the wall! :D )

excuse me while i melt into a puddle.

the levi’s i got for him.

helping him fold his sleeves.

have not felt so happy in a long time (:

online blogshops are SO HORRIBLE. after placing my order for MORE contact lens although i already have 2 pairs of brown, 1 purple & 1 grey, i proceeded to place my order for TWO pairs of shoes and TWO tops. im still staring at the page that michelle introduced me last night and im holding back my urge to buy another dress……. it doesnt help that im on so many mailing lists theres nearly new updates everyday when i open my inbox. i think so far ive bought something from nearly every online blogshop that i chanced upon. ): ): ):

& yawen just messaged me to inform me that pedder red still has the pair of heels that i like in MY SIZE. HOW!

FOUR birthday presents in a week killed me. yawen, juliana, kellie & doorman. i think i owe acy a present too.

AND, im going bangkok on 26th. where can i find money????

CUTE OR WHAT. i must resist resist resist.

okay im going to play in the kitchen.

got myself a new handphone today – samsung F480. my w910i barely lasted a year but i dropped it SO MANY TIMES and its so battered now.

anyway, how do you say ‘innocent’ in cantonese? i asked my mum but it sounded like ‘i am a mushroom’ ):

i love greentea mcflurry. its a good cheap & convenient substitute for black sesame icecream & starbucks’ greentea frappe.

jesseca liu’s younger brother in the 9pm show looks like simyikuang. horror.

its the time of the month when i hate being a girl. i hate menses cramps ):

after you give trust, you’ll receive love.