since friday night, ive been seeing boyfriend day in day out it makes me want to do a little joyful dance (: the last person i see before i close my eyes & the first person i see when i open them again = jacky. this long weekend makes up for the weekend we missed last week!

had a gathering at wenjie’s place for our batch because edwin is back in singapore for a visit. well the turnout wasnt fantastic but it wasnt too bad either. wenjie edwin craig cheryl joshua anthony daryl siewhan vanessa aileen & evelyn! wenjie’s place is scary. check out the photos.

buckets of oil.

rows of toilet rolls & tissue paper.

bottles of superior light soy sauce.

bottles of hua diao wine.

a notice board with mahjong-pricelists. what a gambler!

NOW you know where & who to go to when disaster strikes. you can play mahjong there and STILL have food to eat. hows that? :D

card game BANG!

siewhan. oh my we have so many funny stories to tell. we share so many ridiculous memories back when we were in secondary 2. the other day when byy showed me our sec2 class photo, i saw the cardboard signs/posters chuanjian & victor tan were holding and i just burst out laughing, like, SERIOUSLY!!! OMG.

we burst out laughing at the same thing at the same time and we poke fun at wenjie about the same issue simultaneously, whats not to love about my buddy vanessa kong?! :D

joshua left early = one less TALL human in the picture = i dont feel as short (:

ive been dormant for the past few rounds of bidding since my life sci mods are pre-allocated but bidding starts for me tomorrow. for a change, im going to declare that i love cors. i hope the administrator sees this and will be convinced to bestow me the modules i want.

love has got monday AND tuesday off. can i cheer now?

we climb over all sorts of walls together.