i was bored upside-down today ):

there was nothing to do at home and i thank whoever who came up with world-wide web because i spent the entire day surfing the net.

was so bored and i used scraps of old fabric to make a fabric rose. i have no idea what i can do with it but it looks pretty doesnt it? (:

AND, im officially no longer a member of im-cursed-by-CORS club. ive successfully bidded for both my japanese film module & science GEM!!! if tutorial balloting goes smoothly then i’ll be getting alternate 3days / 4days week. but my tues & fridays are madness because i have 4 lectures straight from 12 to 8pm!

this is insane, how am i to run 10km by 31st?! 5.2km today already got me stitches ): I HATE MY LOUSY LOUSY STAMINA and my LAZY LAZY ATTITUDE. hrmph ):