caught jack neo’s movie with family on national day’s night. although the movie was so heavily embedded with dialect, its a good film nonetheless. i was sitting between my uncle & my dad & i was crying constantly so it was pretty awkward :S then daddy sent me to jacky’s place although it was already midnight. thanks dadddddy!

my sis & i look TOTALLY different, my face is long and my eyes are puny but her face is small & has huge eyes ):

and i dont look like my mum either ): anyway mum is the best. she agreed to let me go tioman with jacky even though i’ll miss a school day the next week! (: (: but the plan was cancelled because its the hungry ghosts festival & the sea aint safe :S so its postponed!

my entire 10th august was spent reading my novel & watching baby sleep & dozing off & then the cycle repeats itself until dinnertime. and this time round its his turn to stayover at my place. although it wasnt a pleasant night because i was rude to him, im still glad he came. im sorry love.

the rubik tee & the rubik cube that night!

my face is as fat as the globe.

11th august = joshua’s = kokloong’s = yuzhen’s birthdays. juliana planned a surprise bbq celebration for her beloved even though she had school in the day! (: sweet. she invited his sec school classmates & some army friends & us.

the feature is the burnt corn & i caught sihui offguard so her eyes were half-closed. to protect her reputation as miss pretty-eyes, i sensored them off (:

on the count of three, sihui shouted ‘I HAVE CORN STUCK IN MY TEETH WAIT!’ and off went the flash :D

harry potterrrrr.

what bbq is all about.

doubleboiler on a bbq pit to melt chocolate.

smoke in our eyes, grease on our faces & smiles that never lie (:

30 years down the road & when the photo turns yellow like this, michelle, you will remind yourself to smile properly (:

and i will remind myself not to talk while taking photos too. i dont know why sihui & i were holding ALUMINIUM FOIL & juliana was holding an ALUMINIUM CAN.

bbqing marshmallows to get a crunchy brown exterior and melt-in-your-mouth liquidy interior is a huge challenge.

the girls.

the boys. yes i am biased. joshua is the birthday boy so he gets a crown. jacky is jacky hence he deserves a crown too :D

everybody (:

this picture is CREEPYYYY. the orangey shadow resembles a human figure standing by the side & looking at us, no?

the couple (:

joshua will dote juliana to bitsssssss <333

my favourite ♥ ... i am tied to very thee
by every thought i have;
thy face i only care to see,
thy heart i only crave.- Sir Charles Sedley

12th august, happy 16th month baby.