movie viewing at the library for JS2216 with vanessa turned out to be pretty disastrous.

1. the librarian forgot to pass me the earphones.

2. we didnt know how to use the audio splitter device whatever its called.

3. we picked a ‘faulty’ VCR.

4. our tape got jammed in another VCR.

5. we spoiled the eject button.

we were sneaking up from the back on another pair of girls who were watching video too to see how they connected the audio device. the first VCR we chose was faulty and it didnt rewind the tape a single bit (which we only realised approx 10minutes after we hit the rewind button). so we changed to a 2nd VCR. so the tape was rewinded but the VCR wouldnt play the tape despite us attacking the remote controller’s PLAY button. the 3rd VCR. i jammed the tape in but it got stuck halfway & refused to go in fully nor were we able to retrieve it. we cleverly spoilt the eject button on the VCR itself too & it was stuck. the technician came to our rescue and retrieved the tape for us. he promptly proceeded to another VCR and it worked fine immediately. we realised the remote controller couldnt be used to control the 2nd VCR because its for a PANASONIC VCR but the one we were using was from SONY.

oh, and we spoilt a tv too. it refused to switch off and was stuck at the blue screen :/

i fell down at home the other day & the condition worsened by late afternnoon today. went to a sinseh & he said i injured my bone. he asked me if i could hear my bones squeaking when he was massaging it! HOW TERRIFYING, MY BONES SQUEAK! my left foot is swollen and the pain is excruciating! >:( why does this have to happen to me!

life is unfair to me :'(