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you can try and guess what have i been up to lately.


F1 was amazingly good last night and OMG i feel so sorry for the Ferrari team! Felipe Massa drove off with the fuel hose still attached to his car!! ):

massa the man being distraught ): he was FIRST but he ended up being at the bottom of the table! he refused to blame the mechanic and said in an interview:

“We are all human beings, everyone makes mistakes. I am not the sort of person who goes to a guy and fights with him. So I went to the guy and gave him even more motivation because we need him and we need everybody together for the last three races of the season.”
awwwww man! why do good guys always finish last ):
anyway watching f1 on tv makes me feel like wanting to visit the arcade and play myself silly. when was the last time i did that? i want to try my hand at the softtoy machines, play daytona, bishibashi, taiko tatsujin, hoops throwing, spot the difference, some music note game which i forgot the name and I AM EMBARASSESD TO SAY THIS BUT I LIKE THE HAND SENSOR GAME I PLAYED BACK IN SEC 2. but i can never understand parapara because ive never played that before although watching all the lianzz and bengzz twist their bodies & wrists still cracks me up. oh my, i want to go to the ARCADE someday SOON.
on the other hand, im getting pretty hyped up about _______ :D :D :D although im like SO pressed for time and i have TWO tests on friday.
i have a test tomorrow! i hate MCQs because all the options look like they are right to me and i usually pick the wrong one.
somehow this photo makes me feel a little like family (:
p.s. karen you will always be my best friend with the best punches whenever i need them!

you know, being in a relationship is like swimming in an ocean that goes on forever. you just have to keep swimming forward. if you get tired, you can take a rest by treading water, but treading water can be difficult and even more tiring than swimming at times. but if you decide to just stop and give up, drowning will be the only option. so do you want to swim, tread or drown?

i choose swimming.

1. new backpack

my sister finally bought me the backpack after much persuasion & to prove her wrong, i brought it to school yesterday.

2. new tattoo

yes its real but its not mine. shuting got inked on sunday with her boyfriend! she spent about $400 and 2hours of excruciating pain to get this end result. i applaud her for her bravery because she told me it felt like ‘a million needles piercing through her at one go’ :S

… disappointments & sorrows should be chucked aside and forgotten. but i dont know how long will it take for me to do so ):

“only time is capable of understanding how great love is”

Suppose that I missed you
Suppose that I care
And suppose that I spent all my nights running scared
And suppose, that I was never there

In my eyes I’m screaming for the sight of you
And tonight I’m dreaming of all the things that we’ve been through
And I can’t hold on to you
So I guess I’ll be lonely too

Suppose we were happy, suppose it was true
And suppose there were cold nights but we somehow made it through
And suppose that I’m nothing without you

Suppose that I was wrong
Suppose you were here
And suppose that I reached out and caught your tears
And suppose this fight just disappeared

i need a good cry and a strong shoulder.

cyclohunt pictures from claire:

but, how?

its not that im unhappy. its just that i cant find anything to be happy about right now.

when i stop and think about my sister’s answer to my question the other day, i feel like a fool. just a teeny weeny bit.

crystal jade advertisement aka our friday brunch at holland v.

my friday sleepover.


saturday; caught a movie with boyfriend, had lunch and walked around a little. walking around is a bad choice because i ended up buying new earrings and a pair of pretty strappy sandals! when will i ever curb my spending habits?!

bright sunny day for us to wear our sunnies! (:

anyway love sent me to ECP in the afternoon and he met with an ACCIDENT on his way back!! ): some cyclist dashed across the road & so the cars infront jam-breaked. UNFORTUNATELY, I HAD TO CALL AT THIS EXACT MOMENT and so he got distracted by the phone and he couldnt brake in time! IM SO GUILTY ): he knocked into the car infront of him but thankfully he wasnt injured. the damage to the car infront wasnt major too but technically its still love’s mistake so he has to pay for it ): i had such a bad scare when i heard that he got into an accident i was panicking in ECP and asking my rovers com members HOW HOW HOW! ): ): ):

response for cyclohunt 08 was overwhelming. a total of 38teams signed up for it! although we had an exhausting & mosquito-feeding night, im glad it was a success. claire & i were station-mistresses at downtown east & it was fun looking at how people attempt to fan spongebob with a tiny fan across the white line.

testing out the game ourselves. spongebob looked like he was having spasms sometimes.

claire had similar shades so we had fun taking stupid photos.


the olympics winner pose. ANYWAY the winner for cyclohunt 08 made it back within 3 hours at 1+am! by 5am, there were still 3teams which were not back yet and 2 of them gave up & called for assistance. we had alot of leftover goodie bags and we each koped alot of meiji dippy chocolate snacks (: we went home at 8+am and i was ready to die on the bed.

sunday; final potluck gathering at sihui’s place before she moves!! we had alot of food because we are all good chefs & well-qualified future moms (:

the spread.

claire & geraldine brought bbq-ed chicken wingsssss.

seafood baked rice by juliana & joshua!

cocktail sausages wrapped with bacon & pineapple bits by karen!

cheesy ‘mashed-for-an-hour’ mashed potato with bacon bits from sihui.

broccoli & apple salad in yoghurt dressing with chopped almonds! healthiest dish by yawen

baked teriyaki salmon & wiggly wobbly mango pudding made by boyfriend & i!

us and a whole table filled with food & love :D


tmr will be the first day of recess week. i have so many things to do: 3 project reports, 2 online assignments and i havent even started studying! ):<

dinner with boyfriend & he showed me this at home today.

a plaque for best commander & badge for best soldier of the month!! i googled SINGAPORE ARMY and wikipedia stated : “an active force of 72,500 for the defence of Singapore”. SEVENTYTWO THOUSAND FIVE!! okay i know im overly excited and it doesnt mean that theres only 1/72500 chance of getting the badge per nsman per month but well you get my point, im proud of him!

oh well. mr-soldier-of-the-month was so tired he slept really early tonight but i have tutorials to finish up ): i hate biostats!

whats the probability of me getting the backpackkkkkkkkk? and GASPS, i just bought another dress from my favourite online blogshop!

was very tempted by the film module that im taking to re-watch spirited away so i just completed the movie for the fifth time.

“ideal form of love: romantic, caring and nurturing” – adapted from my lecture notes.