saturday morning i slept like a dead pig at baby’s place even after he left for camp at 6am. i woke up just in time to devour the mac breakfast he brought home at around 10 (: loves!

steamboat on saturday night at sihui’s place with my favourite people on earth!

bowl overflowing with food. baby loves the mini-corn thing so he ate alot even though they were hard & not entirely cooked. he ate alot of corn too (:

see! he has a mini corn in his mouth.

doing nothing after a heavy dinner.

the way the guys watch tv.

happy humans.

we look like we were going for ndp. actually we wore red because we wanted to win in mahjong (:

helping sihui with her engineering homework.

doing her own workkk.


after which we headed home & i let baby change into my innova pe attire to sleep.


sunday 31st aug 2008! its the day of the nike+ human race! leeshuang was not feeling well so she gave it a miss in the end & i ran with shiyao, weihui, lester, shien & yida (: JJ was there too and he took pictures for us after the run. i met chuanjian, simyk, james & kannan during the race!

sweetheart sent me to the race venue & picked me up after that even though i was SMELLY and my tee was WET.

classic shot!

the finisher bracelet. I COMPLETED MY 10KM RUN :D