the wallet i SO DESPERATELY wants by kate spade, savona taryn! i got jenrine to help me get it from new york since semiremis is over there! im keeping my fingers crossed and i hope i’ll be able to get my hands on it! THANKS JENRINE & SEMIREMIS!!

car recee ended at 5+++am last night & BOY, was i TIRED! my eyes were bloodshot-red due to the lens ): kahmeng sent us home & dropped me off back at jacky’s place at 6am. i slept the entire sunday morning & afternoon away like a pig.

recently i haven been spending much weekends at home, uh oh. friday nights at love’s place & saturday nights booked for bike, car recees & the upcoming cyclohunt event. im surprised my mum has been taking it pretty well so far!

in the car.

this is cute! they show the POPEYES cartoon in the POPEYES fastfood chain!



& we got lost halfway thru too. haha PLUS, we were not stopped by the roadblock this time round!

watched deathrace at the cathay with love & we chanced upon a shop with pretty notebooks/cards/stationery! i want to go back there next week to spend money :D baby bought mooncakes from goodwood park hotel for my family and i bought the ones from the regent for his! the regent hotel’s snowskin mooncakes have BLACK SESAME FLAVOURRR WHEE.

i love toy capsules & i particularly like this set of matching keychains since they come in PAIRS. i wanted the bambi & skunk set but we got others during our first two tries last week. baby tried again this week and we got the BAMBI&SKUNK on our LAST TRY! (: so now i have (half) the entire set while he keeps the other half. AND I AM THE SKUNK!

the toy elephant i bought for baby back in 2003 for valentine’s day!

the completed gundam model. it looks really cool but i dare not twist and turn the model too much lest it starts to fall apart. i twisted the head out by accident before.

his new (BIG) crumpler!!

painted this stand we bought from ikea some time ago for him to use it as a remote control stand!

we got a little carried away with poster paint (:

GUITAR HEROES ON PS3!! his sister is an expert in this. i can only watch in awe by the side when she plays. i am really bad at video games and this is not an exception but i am kind of hooked on this! i want to play it again!

chicken wing & his oily lips.

baby cooked maggi+hotdogs+crabsticks for me (: this is special because jacky pay is not known to be a chef. my favourite bowl of noodles, probably!