pictures from bike recce!

at the start of recce. claire & i were still pretty hyped up.

the traffic was too heavy at 11++pm so we decided to go for supper at geylang before continuing our journey. rochor tauhuay + oily oily youtiao. im not a fan of youtiao but the youtiao last night was exceptionally tempting and it tastes like heaven in my mouth after being dipped in soyabean milk.

this picture was taken immediately after i blogged my previous entry on my mobile phone. we were resting in macs. as you can tell, we were all sleepy & tired.

ping & her chocolate energy booster.

the only person who stayed awake in macs to help us plan the route for the next checkpoint.

CASUALTY! wanwei fell asleep while cycling on the road and she swerved to the left & hit the curb. her knee & toes were badly injured and there was quite alot of blood! wanwei is damn brave because she insisted that she can still continue cycling despite the stinging pain!

we were all wiped out by the time we got back to ECP at 6.20am. love came over to fetch me & i slept at his place like a dead log from 7am to 2pm.

the sunday afternoon was wasted away by constant sleeping. both of us were too tired to do anything else and we woke up only for dinner.

after dinner, we went to chinese garden for the sanrio lantern display!! :D

giant hellokitty-s, cinnamoroll, keropi, badbadzmaru etc. i was a sanrio fan back in primary school okay!

pompompurin is super cute! its so fat & yellow & happy.

holding hands with keropi.

i made him imitate the expression! :D so cute please!

f1 racing!

claire this is for you!

& yawen too!

this is for us (:

this particular squirrel is extremely pitiful because it has no eyes.

no prize for the correct guess.

this is FUNNY. its amusing to see people rolling inside the transparent ball and falling all over each other. i would have played this if im in a foreign country & theres lesser people standing around staring because i’ll look so silly!


i love all the totem poles!

we found a stone bench with opposite facing seats and were pretty amused with it (:

this is so cheena but ‘nong qing’ is too classic a rock carving to pass up. LOL

my favourite shot!

reserved. (for me)