F1 was amazingly good last night and OMG i feel so sorry for the Ferrari team! Felipe Massa drove off with the fuel hose still attached to his car!! ):

massa the man being distraught ): he was FIRST but he ended up being at the bottom of the table! he refused to blame the mechanic and said in an interview:

“We are all human beings, everyone makes mistakes. I am not the sort of person who goes to a guy and fights with him. So I went to the guy and gave him even more motivation because we need him and we need everybody together for the last three races of the season.”
awwwww man! why do good guys always finish last ):
anyway watching f1 on tv makes me feel like wanting to visit the arcade and play myself silly. when was the last time i did that? i want to try my hand at the softtoy machines, play daytona, bishibashi, taiko tatsujin, hoops throwing, spot the difference, some music note game which i forgot the name and I AM EMBARASSESD TO SAY THIS BUT I LIKE THE HAND SENSOR GAME I PLAYED BACK IN SEC 2. but i can never understand parapara because ive never played that before although watching all the lianzz and bengzz twist their bodies & wrists still cracks me up. oh my, i want to go to the ARCADE someday SOON.
on the other hand, im getting pretty hyped up about _______ :D :D :D although im like SO pressed for time and i have TWO tests on friday.
i have a test tomorrow! i hate MCQs because all the options look like they are right to me and i usually pick the wrong one.
somehow this photo makes me feel a little like family (:
p.s. karen you will always be my best friend with the best punches whenever i need them!